FAR-LEFT ‘INSURRECTION’- Pro-Palestine Rioters Clash With Police Outside DNC Headquarters


Far left radicals peacefully protested in what was more like a common sense discussion spread with a lot of love and respect.

Actually, I made that all up.

What really happened was that a Pro-Palestinian violent protest erupted outside the DNC headquarters in Washington DC.

At least six Capitol police were injured by these violent far left JEW HATING RIOTERS.

These people are sick in the head and seriously these violent rioters should be treated the same or worse than the J6 political prisoners.

These so called peaceful protesters should be left to rot in the DC Gulag just like the folks that for the most part were treated to a peaceful tour of the Capitol.

The violence on January 6th was primarily pushed by FBI personnel, Antifa and paid agitators.

FOX News reports that USCP confirmed on X that six officers were injured during the clash on Wednesday evening.

“Officers are making arrests,” USCP said on X. It advised people to stay away from the area.

Multiple arrests were reported as law enforcement struggled to prevent unauthorized access to the building and to maintain public order.

Authorities said that the officers suffered injuries ranging from minor cuts, pepper spray burns or being punched by protesters who turned violent alongside ‘peaceful protesters.’

(There really weren’t any ‘peaceful protesters.’)

They are barbarians that want to “GAS THE JEWS.”

Sorry but that is not what we consider peaceful.

Approximately 150 officers and at least 50 police cruisers from The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) were seen at the protest, with videos showing protesters violently clashing with officers.

Videos on social media showed protesters shoving police officers and trying to grab hold of metal barricades at the DNC headquarters as the officers forcefully removed the individuals, Kyle Becker at Trending Politics reports.

The police had to struggle to hold back the violent protesters as you will see in the videos.


Let’s look at some footage.

Here’s some more:

Here’s more:

There were more images of the police clashes at DNC HQ.

“At the Palestine protest at the DNC headquarters, some pretty intense confrontations with cops and arrests underway.”

Pro-Palestinian protesters tried to break into New York’s Grand Central Terminal. They broke several windows and got into a fight with police as part of a protest that also saw American flags being torn down and an Israeli flag being burned.

“Hamas supporters in NYC have surrounded Grand Central Station and are attempting to breach the outer doors to reach police officers sheltering inside,” remarked @amuse.

“NYC police standby as Hamas supporters tear down American flags,” he added.

Hamas celebrating Veterans Day in NYC!

“Hamas supporters in NYC have surrounded Grand Central Station and are attempting to breach the outer doors to reach police officers sheltering inside.”

One day earlier, Anti-Israel demonstrators took over the a sitting U.S. Senator’s office on and demanded that the nation agree to broker an immediate ceasefire in Israel’s war with Hamas.

“Genocide Gillibrand has got to go,” the protestors chanted after occupying the senator’s office.

“Rise up for Palestine,” they also chanted.

Political commentator @amuse compared the sit-in to the infamous J6 “insurrection” where in addition to violent rioters, numerous peaceful protesters paraded around the capitol without a permit and took over then Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office.

“Insurrection: Hamas supporters occupied Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Capitol office longer than the J6 protesters – are any of them in jail?” he remarked.

The Saturday prior, the White House had some unexpected visitors, as dozens of pro-Hamas demonstrators surrounded the capitol grounds and staged a ‘mini-insurrection.’

The protesters screamed vocal support for Palestine/Hamas at the Secret Service and even defied orders to stop hanging a flag on the fence.

Steven Nelson of the New York Post reported the chants of “allahu akbar,” adding that he heard this was also chanted at “multiple points along the fence.”

Then came the chanting. “F*** Joe Biden” they shouted outside the White House.

“‘F**k Joe Biden’ – chants outside White House as tens of thousands Pro-Palestine protesters are outside demanding to Free Palestine, some attempting to climb the gate,” Scootercaster noted.

Weeks prior, pro-Palestinian protesters laid siege to Grand Central Station in the heart of New York City, chanting slogans like “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will Be Free,” (meaning, “free” from the existence of Israel).

The chant is reflective of the origin statement of Hamas, the terrorist organization that runs the Gaza Strip, and which undertook the savage attack on Israeli civilians on October 7.

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton wrote that President Joe Biden should treat the “pro-Hamas insurrectionists” the same as they have treated the January 6 cases.

“Biden admin must use every law-enforcement tactic against these pro-Hamas insurrectionists that it has used in the January 6 cases,” Sen. Cotton wrote on X. “Track them down, arrest them, convict them, and lock ‘em up.”

If MAGA/America First supporters had pulled such protests at the nation’s capitol, they would already be in a D.C. gulag awaiting trial for an “insurrection.”

For the radical left, it’s just another day in America. And not a single political prisoner among any of them.

Former Michigan Representative and Senate candidate Peter Meijer was quick to point out the difference between the protesters at the DNC and the “March for Israel” event on Tuesday.

“A quarter-million folks rallying on the Mall yesterday to support Israel? Peaceful, orderly, strong,” Meijer wrote. “Two hundred anti-Israel protesters outside DNC tonight? Chaos, weakness, Capitol buildings locked down. Says a lot!”

It shows the difference between intelligent people and barbaric radical leftist scumbags.

Additional source: Kyle Becker at Trending Politics


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