FOX News Contributor Falsely Accused Of…


The idea of Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming capable of destroying humanity is a distinct possibility, and notable individuals from the tech world are beginning to notice.

In March, over 1,000 experts, including Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, signed an open letter that urged a six-month pause in the training of advanced AI models following ChatGPT’s rise.

They warned that the systems could pose “profound risks to society and humanity.”

This AI stuff is creepy and is already causing problems for prominent figures.

One such man is Jonathan Turley, a well known law professor at George Washington University.

Turley is warning about the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI).

Turley was falsely accused of sexual harassment by an online bot ChatGPT, GOP Times reports.

The AI bot even created its own evidence by citing a fabricated article that supported the allegation.

In a widely shared Twitter thread last Thursday, the constitutional legal scholar revealed that ChatGPT defamed him by fabricating a 2018 incident in which he was accused of sexual harassment by a former female student while on a school trip to Alaska.

The robot went so far as to quote a phony Washington Post article claiming he made “sexually suggestive comments” and “attempted to touch her in a sexual manner,” Turley said.

“ChatGPT falsely accuses Jonathan Turley of sexual harassment, concocts fake WaPo story to support allegation.”

As a Fox News contributor, Turley has been outspoken about the pitfalls of artificial intelligence. He has publicly expressed concerns about the disinformation dangers associated with the latest AI chatbot, ChatGPT.

Turley isn’t the only one that AI has gone after. Last week, a UCLA professor notified Turley that his name appeared in a search while the UCLA professor was researching ChatGPT.

The AI Bot was asked to come up with “five examples” of “sexual harassment” by U.S. law professors with “quotes from relevant newspaper articles” to support it.

“Professor Jonthan Turley was falsely accused of sexual harassment by ChatGPT. The AI-bot cited a news article that had never been written to back these claims. It comes amid fears that ChatGPT may help drive a spread of misinformation.”

“Five professors came up, three of those stories were clearly false, including my own,” Turley explained in an interview on “The Story” on Fox News.

“What was really menacing about this incident is that the AI system made up a Washington Post story and then made up a quote from that story and said that there was this allegation of harassment on a trip with students to Alaska.

“That trip never occurred. I’ve never gone on any trip with law students of any kind. It had me teaching at the wrong school, and I’ve never been accused of sexual harassment.”

“Now Bing is *also* claiming Turley was accused of sexually harassing a student on a class trip in 2018. It cites as a source for this claim Turley’s own USA Today op-ed about the false claim by ChatGPT, along with several other aggregations of his op-ed.”

“You had an AI system that made up entirely the story, but actually made up the cited article and the quote,” Turley said on “America Reports.”

“And when the Washington Post looked at it, they were mystified and said we can’t even figure out how an AI would come up with this because there’s not even a story we can find that seems at all relevant or could be referenced.”

“Like an algorithm, it’s only as good as those people who program it,” he said, adding that the ChatGPT has yet to apologize or address the fabricated story that defamed him.

“I haven’t even heard from that company,” Turley said.

“That story, various news organizations reached out to them.

“They haven’t said a thing. And that’s also dangerous.

“Because when you’re defamed like this, in an article by a reporter, you know how to reach out.

“You know who to contact. With AI, there’s often no there, there. And ChatGPT looks like they just shrugged and left it at that.”

It’s a crazy world.

Personally I believe that this AI crap is going to cause some MAJOR problems.

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