FULL VERSION: Liberals Attack Famous Musician Over New Song Released, The Musician And Exec Of Label Absolutely Destroy Liberal DIRTBAGS-Listen To The FULL Version HERE!


In today’s society it is career suicide to stand-up and speak out against the left extremists propaganda and their agenda to destroy our nation.

Very few have the grit, fortitude and Patriotism to do the right thing, which is to push back and to use their passion and talents to combat the left’s agendas.  One such musician has paved the way and he has released a song that is pissing off the left extremists!


Their temper tantrums to destroy the career of Aaron Lewis and ban the song have backfired and Aaron Lewis and an exec at the record label delivered knock-out punches to the left!

Big Machine Label Group has taken criticism for releasing singer Aaron Lewis’ recent number-one country song bashing liberals, but the company’s CEO, Scott Borchetta, says he is standing by his artist, Breitbart reports. 

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Left-wing music blogger Bob Lefsetz recently wrote that Lewis’ song is “heinous” and slammed Big Machine for releasing the hit “Am I the Only One.” But Borchetta wrote an open letter defending his label’s actions in reply to the criticism launched by liberals such as Lefsetz.


Responding to Lefsetz, Borchetta opened his letter saying, “Firstly, I believe in the First Amendment. My job has never been to tell my artists what to sing and write about.”


“Aaron Lewis and I have political disagreements. But there are also things we agree on. I think that’s the foundation for the idea of our country,” Borchetta continued. “It doesn’t work if we’re so divided that we can’t reach across the aisle, have a conversation or an argument, and ultimately, shake hands. If we can’t do that, and this moment is so divisive, we may never get our country back.”

What an amazing song that hit’s everything that is going on in our nation right now and the lack of Americans willing to stand up and speak out against the corruption, Marxism as well as the draconian tyrannical government.

The message of the song is clear and it is during these horrific times that we all need to be reminded that WE ARE AMERICANS!  We do NOT tolerate hate, Marxism and we will NEVER take a knee to communism.

Breitbart continued, Lewis’ song, “Am I the Only One,” soared to number one on the country charts despite getting no radio airtime. The song is very pro-America and slams liberals, including rock star Bruce Springsteen, for their anti-American ideas.

Some of the lyrics include, “Am I the only one who can’t take no more/Screamin’ ‘If you don’t like it, there’s the fuckin’ door,’” Lewis sings. He adds that he is willing to “take a bullet for being free.” And he also dings Springsteen with this line: “Am I the only one who quits singin’ along/Every time they play a Springsteen song?”

Borchetta notes that while he approves of his label’s release of Lewis’ flag-waving song, his label has also produced music by hard-core left-winger Sheryl Crow, who released a pro-Kamala Harris song in 2020.

“At the Big Machine Label Group,” Borchetta wrote, “we represent artists as diverse as Sheryl Crow singing ‘Woman In The White House’ to Aaron Lewis singing ‘Am I The Only One’ to Ray Wylie Hubbard to Tim McGraw to Thomas Rhett to Glen Campbell to Nikki Sixx/Rob Zombie/John5 (L.A. Rats) to Brantley Gilbert to Justin Moore to Florida Georgia Line to Brett Young to Lady A to Ayron Jones to Callista Clark and many more.”

In a time when freedoms, rights and the American dream is fleeting, passing into the past as winds blow across our nation spreading the plague of the corrupt left extremists, Aaron Lewis is unafraid to stand up and speak out against tyranny.

This is what we all should live for, to stand up for what is right and for the future not only for our children but the future of our nation.  Freedom is never free and we will only have the rights and freedoms that we are willing to stand up for!



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God Bless.

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