A former New Jersey police chief who happens to be white has been arrested for a hate crime after allegedly using excessive force against an 18-year-old black man, Fox 29 reported.

Frank Nucera, a 60-year-old retired Bordentown Township police chief allegedly slammed a handcuffed young black man’s head against a metal doorjamb and one of his officers recorded him making a series of racist comments, according to a federal indictment announced Wednesday.


On September 1, 2016, the former chief responded as backup to a scene where two African-American teenagers were being arrested for using a hotel room without paying,  KTLA reported.

One of the suspects was handcuffed and being led from the room. According to the FBI, Nucera approached the teen from behind and slammed his head into a metal door jamb.

Prosecutors allege that the chief has a history of using racial slurs and calling white people crackers and blue eyed devils- just kidding.

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They say that he uses police dogs to “intimidate” blacks including stationing them at high school basketball games to intimidate black fans, prosecutors said.


My guess is that the police dogs are used on any criminal if required, regardless of race.

My guess is that these prosecutors are black, liberal and that the judge is an Obama appointee.

The incident was reported by a fellow police officer, who reportedly was appalled by the chief’s racist behavior and excessive use of force.

Fox News reports that acting U.S. Attorney William E. Fitzpatrick said that the assault was driven by “racial hatred.”

“Chief Nucera harbored an intense, senseless, irrational and bigoted view toward African-Americans,” Fitzpatrick said, citing a criminal complaint that states he once likened black people to the Islamic State terrorist group.

Prosecutors also discovered that Nucera’s fellow officers secretly had been recording his racist comments over the course of a year.

In one recording, Nucera reportedly said that he was “tired of them [African-Americans]” and “it’s getting to the point where I could shoot one.”

Prosecutors said that Nucera’s hostility toward African-Americans was very alarming and that some of his remarks contained “extremely offensive racist comments.”

Nucera, who also had served as a township administrator, retired in January, while under FBI investigation. He since has been charged with hate crimes and violating civil rights.

If convicted of each count, Nucera faces up to 20 years in prison, KTLA reported.

The court filing says the officer had recorded the chief for about a one year period. The officer eventually reported the alleged crimes to the US Department of Justice, officials said.

The town’s mayor called the charges “abhorrent.”

“The township appreciates the comments by the US Attorney … which reinforced what we already knew: that these charges are limited to one person, and are not indicative of the Bordentown Township Police Department, or the Township as a whole,” Mayor Steve Benowitz said in a statement. “It is important to note that these charges began from a self-reported complaint from within the township police department. The township has moved forward with new leadership that promotes community, inclusion, and equality.”

Nucera retired in mid-January, just after the New Jersey Attorney General was informed of the investigation into Nucera’s alleged racially motivated use of excessive force.

Bordentown is a predominantly white town of about 11,000 a few miles from New Jersey’s majority African-American capital city of Trenton.

If the allegations are true then the chief should be punished.

If the allegations are false or exaggerated then the chief should sue the hell out of the city for keeping his city crime free to the best of his ability.

F Obama.

God Bless.

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