Kamala Harris FUMING… Biden REPLACEMENT Named

The worst president and vice president in the history of America


Joe Biden has screwed things up again by going off script when talking to reporters.

Biden was in California speaking to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders in San Francisco.

In other words he was there kissing China’s ass.

That’s when Biden opened his mouth and the usual garbage came out.

Anthony Smith at The GOP Times reports that Biden hinted that California’s COMMIE Governor Newsom was the heir apparent, a comment that will surely not sit well with Harris.

In fact she is going to be pissed off.

But hey, let’s face it- she SUCKS!


Could Do My Job

Biden addressed the group after sucking up to Chinese President Xi.

The display was an absolute and utter disgrace, with one lone American flag among dozens of Chinese flags being displayed on the streets of San Francisco.

Newsom has been working overtime to raise his profile as of late, recently having taken a trip to China to meet with Xi’s officials.

Biden is clearly paying attention, stating, “I want to talk about Governor Newsom. I want to thank him. He’s been one hell of a governor, man.

“Matter of fact, he could be anything he wants.

“He could have the job I’m looking for.”

Hey Joe- Newsom has been one hell of a CRAPPY GOVEROR you moron.

So, now imagine you are the sitting VP, and your president is in your home state, and he recommends someone else for his position instead of you.

I’d get revenge.

As Prince once said to Charlie Murphy… “What did five fingers say to the face? SLAP!”

Kamala Harris is not a happy camper!

And to think she checked all of the boxes require by the Commiecrats- well I’m not sure if she’s a lesbian but I wouldn’t put it past her.


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