BREAKING: New Liberal Laws California Just Passed Could Trigger The END Of Our Republic…


California used to be a fantastic state. It still is beautiful in many ways but for the most part it has turned into a liberal cesspool. Trust me, I know because I was born here and actually still reside here- but not for much longer, thank God.

On January 1 a number of new laws will go into effect and many of them are quite alarming. For example, SB 277 which will require most children to obtain full vaccination by July so they can attend school in September. This is controversial seeing as to how many of these vaccinations have the potential of causing more harm than good. However, in light of the fact that California embraces illegal aliens from Mexico and other third world nations that carry numerous diseases it probably makes sense. Like I said, California USED to be a fantastic state.

Another new law that catches my eye is SB 707 which bans concealed firearms from college campuses and K-12 school grounds. This makes sense to liberals only. They think that criminals will see this new law and, in order to not break this law will not enter schools. In reality it leaves our children completely unprotected sitting ducks. I guess teachers and administration can shoot spitwads at the left wing wackos that want to shoot up schools.

Still another new law has been passed which is absolutely ridiculous for many reasons. SB 172 which dictates that High school seniors will receive their diploma whether or not they pass or even take an exit exam; the law also applies retroactively to students who have graduated since 2004. This one is liberalism at it’s finest.


At face value I suppose it seems harmless enough but let’s take a look at what’s really wrong with this liberal picture.

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My esteemed colleague, Michele Hickford over at Allen B.West does a great job of breaking it down.


As we’ve discussed here many times, if progressives want to ensure “equality of outcomes” for all, why even bother having sporting events? Why is California hosting the Super Bowl on February 7th? What difference does it make who wins? Everyone is a winner.

How can businesses properly evaluate prospective employees when “high school diploma” is required if it is essentially meaningless? Who does this actually help? Certainly not the students who “graduated” without mastering any basic skills.


But you can bet there will be a ginormous outcry when companies looking for entry-level employees start requiring application exams to determine if candidates can actually read and write beyond the 8th grade level.

So why stop at high school diplomas? Who needs a college degree? Why require physicians, accountants and lawyers to take exams to prove their knowledge? Or is California simply admitting its public education system is so worthless that a diploma from one of its high schools is as well?

She nails it there. This is completely absurd and serves no purpose other than to make underachievers feel equal. Reality says otherwise. But liberals don’t live in reality. They live in some distorted utopia that is virtually non-existent.

Piece by piece our nation is being dismantled by the sickness of ‘progressive’ liberalism. The United States didn’t become the most powerful nation in the world by being weak  and passive. We demanded the best of the best. From our manufactured goods to our military we produced the best. Strength through superiority. But these days being superior is somehow offensive- to liberals.

Our country is in a severe state of moral decline. Here is another example.

AB 329 makes participation in sex education courses mandatory for students unless parents opt-out, would also inculcate the teaching of a fluid gender identity.

Fluid gender identity… I guess that this addresses men that think they are really women and vice-versa. I can’t help but think of the lyrics to the “All In The Family’ television series. Archie Bunker really knew what he was talking about lol.

One last law that was passed- AB 1014 which will permit family members to obtain a restraining order to keep relatives who might commit gun violence from owning a gun.

Oh for God’s sake this is absolutely insane. This one deserves it’s own article which I will do soon. 

God Bless.


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