ALERT! New ‘Mystery Device’ Being Used By Thugs To Steal Cars, Here’s What You Need To Know… [VID]


Thieves have gotten their hands on a ‘mystery device’ which enables them to steal cars by electronically opening and starting up automobiles! 

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) have also gotten their hands on the device through an outside security expert who purchased it overseas in order to analyze the device and to figure out how to stop these thugs from stealing cars!


According to FOX, they describe it as a “relay attack” unit that was originally designed for manufacturers to test the security of their wireless systems, but it and others like it have made their way into criminal hands, and handmade versions have also been discovered.

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It is actually two devices working together. The first intercepts the signal from a nearby proximity key fob, either being carried by someone or left in a car, and transfers it to the other, which can then be used to open the lock and start the vehicle.


The NICB tested it, with approval, in several situations that included car dealerships, a car auction and on its own employee’s vehicles. It tried it on 35 different vehicles from a variety of brands and was able to open 19 and start and drive away in 18 of those.  After the ignitions were turned off, the device was able to restart 12 of the 18 cars. It didn’t provide a detailed list of makes and models that were affected by the device, but did point out that the four 2017 Chevrolet models it tried were immune.

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YouTube video courtesy of InsuranceCrime

Since it leaves no trace of the method of entry or ignition, the NICB is warning drivers to be wary of anyone around when using these types of keys, and not leaving them behind in the car. It also points out that if you give access to your key fob to someone, including a parking valet, they can potentially use a unit like this to skim the codes and then enter or steal the car later on.

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Source- FOX


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