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A photo posted on Sunday by the official Facebook account has prompted an avalanche of mockery.

The Obamacare Facebook photo reads: “The first thing I’m going to do after my coverage begins is ______.”

Facebook users wasted no time filling in the blank with quips and barbs aimed at mocking the unpopular Obamacare program.

“Get another job so I can afford to pay for it,” responded one Facebook user.

“Check for identity theft,” quipped another.

“Lament the lack of coverage and the astronomical cost for the crappy coverage,” wrote another.

“Try not to get sick all year,” snarked one Facebook user.

“Wonder why it costs so much more than it used to because I am a young, healthy male with no preexisting conditions,” wrote one Facebook poster.

“EAT!!! I was starved waiting all these weeks to get signed up. I never had time to cook or even work,” wrote another.

“Watch the economy circle the drain,” stated another Facebook  user.

The lackluster Facebook response is merely the latest Obamacare social media backfire. President Barack Obama’s campaign-turned-activism group, Organizing For Action, set off a wave of mockery when it launched its “pajama boy” holiday graphic featuring a pajama-clad young man sipping hot chocolate with a message that read, “Wear pajamas. Drink hot chocolate. Talk about getting health insurance.”

The latest RealClearPolitics average of polls finds just 40% of Americans now support Obamacare.

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