BREAKING: New Report From WSJ Just Dropped About COVID And It Has People Asking THIS Question- It’s NOT Looking Good


We have been reporting for quite some time that the rushed COVID ‘vaccine’ comes with risks to the health of people that take it.

Even the experts are admitting that the vaccines have NEVER and were never meant to prevent COVID-19 contraction, transmission, bad cases, or death. No one can prove that they do anything other than harm. The jabs are now proving to be quite dangerous, especially to the hearts of healthy students, teens, and children.

Blood clots, heart problems and several side effects have been reported but that information has been censored by the government, MSM and big tech.

You will not see this report on the Communist controlled media outlets but you will see it here. This is NOT good news for those of you who took the jab and boosters after China unleashed the biological weapon COVID on the world.

*BREAKING: Top Scientists Study Prove COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinations Are DEADLY [VIDEO]

Mac Slavo at SHTFplan reports that the mainstream media has so far been in the back pocket of the ruling class when it comes to the COVID-19 scamdemic and how many injections you should be forced to take. But a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed has suggested that it’s the “vaccines” that are keeping people sick.

The author of the article is a member of the WSJ’s editorial board. Allysia Finley wrote the article on January 1st, and it’s conveniently behind a paywall. She cited new research suggesting the virus appears to be evolving in ways that “evade immunity.”

Finley also pointed to research showing people who received COVID-19 boosters are more susceptible to infection than people who received the primary series but were not boosted.

Study Finds That COVID-19 Vaccines Perpetuated the Pandemic & Caused Immune System Failure

The ruling class and much of the mainstream media, however, continue to blame the deaths of the fully vaccinated on Americans not getting the booster shot.

MSM Admits: Most COVID Deaths Are Among The Vaccinated

In August 2021, when vaccine expert Geert Vanden Bossche, D.M.V, Ph.D., independent virologist and vaccine expert, warned that vaccines could lead to new, more infectious viral variants becoming increasingly dominant, he was attacked and accused of spreading misinformation.

Virologist: COVID Vax Complications Will “Collapse Our Healthcare System”

In his widely circulated article, Vanden Bossche argued universal mass vaccination would prompt dominant propagation of highly infectious, neutralization escape mutants, and naturally acquired — or vaccinal neutralizing antibodies — would no longer offer any protection to immunized individuals.

Vanden Bossche wrote:

“Every further increase in vaccine coverage rates will further contribute to forcing the virus into resistance to neutralizing, S-specific Abs [antibodies]. Increased viral infectivity, combined with evasion from antiviral immunity, will inevitably result in an additional toll taken on human health and human lives.” –Children’s Health Defense

As the mainstream media panics the masses over a new variant and insists more shots are the answer, some are finally speaking up. If three or four shots have yet to work, what would a fifth shot do?

WHO Devises “Plan” To Inject More “Vaccines” While The Media’s “Experts” Warn Of Another Variant

This scamdemic is getting too obvious. They are getting so desperate to inject the public that even the most naive of those in the slave class are beginning to wonder if it was all a rouse.

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*BREAKING: The TOP Scientists Just Exposed A COVID BOMBSHELL That No On Can Ignore- All VAX Contains…

*For any concerns about COVID consult with medical professionals.

Stay safe and stay healthy my friends.

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God Bless.

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