BREAKING: New Scandal ROCKS Rockville High School After Illegal Alien Rapes Little Girl- THIS IS HUGE


Disturbing video footage has come out and Rockville High School is embroiled in yet another incident where a student was harmed at the hands of others.

A senior was brutally attacked and beaten at the school just 9 days prior to the rape of a 14-year-old  girl during school hours by two illegal aliens allowed to attend school at Rockville High as students. That story has gained national attention.


The brutal beating was captured on cell phone video by other students.  The traumatic events have left the 17-year-old girl unable to return to school due to the severity of her physical and emotional injuries.

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It has left the community questioning the school’s ability to keep students safe while in the school’s care.


According to the victim’s attorney, she was lured to the main entrance just before classes were scheduled to start. A 15-year old student the victim states she has never met was waiting for her at the door.


The video shows the victim being thrown to the ground by her hair as well as being hit with fists and kicked while she lay on the floor not fighting back. The attack lasted just under a minute before a teacher intervened and broke up the fight.

According to the victim’s attorney, Rene Sandler –

She was standing up and then was thrown to the ground by her hair and she is beaten in the face, beaten about her body, hit in the head and then here is the teacher intervening, and then the assailant continues to kick her in the head while she is down. You see the male teacher in the background. An assailant who threw my client to the ground by her hair, she is repeatedly beating her and kicking her while she is down in the head. She is surrounded by dozens of students who are using their video on their phone to document.”

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Not only was this girl beaten on school property during school hours, the school actually refused to call the police, nor would they call 911 or get any sort of medical assistance for the victim for her injuries, the most significant of which was a head injury.

Sandler states –

The school administration specifically said they were not calling the police – again for reasons we don’t know. After my client sustained these injuries, of course, she was the victim of a brutal crime of violence in the school and the school did not call the police or 911 to help her with her medical issues.”

The school resource officer was reported to be on leave when the attack occurred on March 7.

Ms. Sandler states –

He was simply not there and there was no replacement for him that day. That school resource officer is a police officer with police powers and he was absolutely absence completely that day.

The student’s lawyer wants Montgomery County Public Schools superintendent Dr. Jack Smith to address this incident. This is the same man when questioned about the brutal rape of a 14-year-old student happened during school hours on school property on his watch accused the parents and students of Rockville High School of xenophobia and racism in supporter of the rapists, rather than the victim.

Montgomery County Public Schools released the following statement:

“The behavior in the video is disturbing, unacceptable and is not indicative of the 160,000 students enrolled in our schools who treat one another with respect every day.  

We are proud of the teacher who immediately intervened to protect the student victim. All of our staff take responsibility for the safety of students.  

Parents of the victim were immediately contacted and the school nurse provided medical assistance until the family arrived and elected not to have County emergency personnel come to the school to examine the student. 

Disciplinary action was taken at the school level and law enforcement was involved the day of the incident.  

The behavior by the assailant is unacceptable and so is the behavior of those who chose to record and post it on social media.  This was a traumatic incident for the student and the exploitation of her pain in the hopes of getting clicks on a social media is extremely troubling. MCPS has been working closely with the family to have videos of the attack removed from social media.  We ask that students put down their smartphone cameras and find an adult to intervene to protect their fellow students. MCPS is committed to the security of our students.”

h/t – News Fox 5

God Bless.

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