BREAKING: New UN Leader Named… Announces SICK Plan To DESTROY American Communities



The United Nations Security Council on Thursday formally nominated former Portuguese prime minister Antonio Guterres as the U.N.’s next secretary-general.


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Guterres, who led the UN refugee agency for 10 years, will take over from Ban Ki-moon early next year.


An unrepentant socialist who has worked as UN High Commissioner for Refugees from June 2005 to December 2015, Guterres has stated that it is the duty of wealthy Western nations to accommodate millions of refugees fleeing conflict in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Countries that reject Syrian refugees because they are Muslims are fuelling Islamic State and other militant groups, the incoming secretary-general of the U.N. argues.

“When people say they cannot receive Syrian refugees because they are Muslims, those that say it are supporting terrorist organizations and allowing them to be much more effective in recruiting people,” he said in December, just before he stepped down as UN refugee chief.


The council’s 15 member nations recommended Guterres for a five-year term by acclamation. The full 193-member General Assembly will hold its procedural vote on the nomination next week, but Guterres is already taking steps to implement his plans to change American communities.

More from Conservative Tribune:

Though Guterres has yet to be confirmed by a vote of the entire General Assembly, it was expected that the vote will be a mere formality, leaving Guterres free to get to work immediately, which it appears he has already done, at least in regard to the international refugee problem.

A press release from the UNHCR just a couple of weeks ago announced its renewed commitment to dealing with the refugee and migrant issue, with an aim toward bringing together a variety of governments and “civil society” to agree to provide better safeguards for the rights of displaced persons and a “shared responsibility” in funding those efforts.

“Refugees and migrants are not to be seen as a burden; they offer great potential, if only we unlock it. We must place the human rights of all refugees and migrants at the heart of our commitments,” outgoing Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said at the opening of the recent U.N. Summit in New York City.

In what has now been dubbed the “New York Declaration,” the U.N. called on member nations to resettle as many refugees as possible and for the more wealthy nations of the world (read: the U.S.) to shoulder more of the financial burden, sorry, “humanitarian funding” required to make such efforts possible.

The declaration proceeded to inform host countries that they must make all efforts to ensure that adult refugees are provided with jobs and children enrolled in school.

As stated previously, the incoming secretary-general of the U.N. is an unrepentant socialist, and the new refugee “declaration” that he most assuredly played a role in crafting has socialism (i.e. redistribution of wealth and mandatory jobs for refugees) written all over it.

 Gutterres first entered into politics in 1976 in Portugal’s first democratic election after the “Carnation revolution” that ended five decades of dictatorship. He became the leader of Portugal’s Socialist party in 1992 and was elected prime minister in 1995.

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton warned of Guterres’ radical ideology on Thursday.

“He is a former socialist Prime Minister of Portugal, a great believer in the European Union,” Bolton said. “And I recall in our first conversation, as he was heading the High Commissioner Office for Refugees, he told me how much he was worried about ‘populism’ in the Western world – which he defined as ‘people who wanted control of their own borders.’ And so we had, as they say, a polite exchange of views on that subject.”

Guterres was a “done deal” as secretary-general, Bolton argued.

“The only thing we can do is elect Donald Trump,” he said,  “because if we elect Hillary Clinton, she’ll play right into his hands.”

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God Bless.



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