Newly Revealed Report From Authorities Out Of North Korea- It’s BAD Folks


Kim Jong Un has been pathetic air breather from the start and his reign of terror and genocide on his own people is worthy of a GO FAST team and beheading.


With all the threats from North Korea about nuking America and any who support the United States,  sanctions and stern words being thrown around, the vast populace is unaware of of North Korea’s evil ways.

With the latest media attention on Otto Warmbier, they have found that mass doses of Sodium Pentathol eventually lead to brain damage and his coma.  It is believed that North Korea knew he was about to pass, so they released them and now have 0 knowledge on why he was in a coma and passed away.

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Fox News did some digging and found intel:


A confirmed favorite tactic, blowing people away with anti-aircraft guns, leave victims unrecognizable.


“Because there are several guns bound together, it would be hard to find the body after firing it once,” Hong Hyun-ik, chief researcher at the Sejong Institute, a security think tank based in Seoul, told local broadcaster YTN in 2015. “It’s really gruesome.”

In late February, South Korean officials revealed that five North Korean officials had been subjected to the particularly grisly form of overkill. Other methods trickle out of the secretive Hermit Kingdom, their unverified status only burnishing the legend of Kim’s depravity.

Kim’s reach extends beyond the pariah nation he never leaves, as demonstrated by the almost certainly sanctioned hit on his half-brother earlier this year. Kim Jong Nam, seen as a successor to Kim should a coup take place, was sprayed in the face with VX nerve agent by two women as he prepared to catch a flight from Kuala Lampur to Macau. North Korea has denied reports that Kim ordered his paternal half-brother’s murder.

Perhaps the most frightening method of execution ordered by the 33-year-old, third-generation dictator is allowing a pack of starving dogs to devour enemies. In one notable case, the victim was purportedly Kim’s own uncle.

The worst, which is a crime against humanity, is allowing millions of his people to literally starve to death.  It is a very morbid way to control and have the populace submit.

Makes one wonder why this has been allowed to go on with 0 accountability and why only sanctions and harsh words have been used.

Fox News has called this, “a terrifyingly creative way to kill”, I say it is a crime against humanity and evil beyond measure that tortures and kills its own people.

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