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When it comes to trying to win elections, there’s no depths the Democrats won’t sink to in order to beat their opponents.

Last presidential election, Hillary Clinton first rigged the Democrat primary against Bernie Sanders, before going on to engage in deceptive practices during the general election. In fact, Wikileaks revealed that she was in collusion with dozens of journalists from the mainstream media as well as the Ukrainian government, all to take down then-candidate Donald Trump.

Worse, it’s estimated that anywhere between one and four million illegal votes were cast last election, and studies have shown that such votes are cast in favor of Democrats by an 8 to 1 margin, if not more.

Now, with the Senate seat in Alabama being a must win for Democrats, another sinister plot of theirs has been exposed, and it’s enough to make your blood boil. Big League Politics is reporting that Democrat activists in the state are urging African American voters to come out in droves to vote for Roy Moore’s opponent, Democrat Doug jones, but there’s just one problem – the people they’re soliciting don’t live in Alabama.

No, instead they live across the border in Mississippi, and the activists are using Redding as their medium to reach out to them.


From Big League Politics:

Democratic activists are making a last-minute push to get out the vote against Roy Moore in Alabama by encouraging “African-Americans in Mississippi” to vote in the wrong state.

Sources on the ground in Alabama confirm that these tactics are real, and they are being used by supporters of Democrat Doug Jones.

Big League Politics received evidence of a Reddit call for “African-Americans in Mississippi” to “make a short trip to Alabama on December 12.” That Reddit thread is still active.

Similar calls have been made on Reddit for African-Americans in other nearby states, including Georgia and Tennessee.

Lovely, right? It gets worse, however.

Not only are Democrats trying to get people to illegally vote, but they’re fully abusing a new law that allows certain felons to re-register to vote by rounding them up in droves and getting them to register, reported.

Thousands of felons across Alabama have registered to vote in recent weeks, according to Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, who is heading up a statewide effort to get felons to the voting booth.

Glasgow’s goal is to get as many felons as possible signed up to vote before the end of the day Monday, the deadline to be able to cast a ballot in Alabama’s Dec. 12 U.S. Senate special election…

Meanwhile, Democrats across the country have been repeatedly accusing President Trump of unfairly “stealing” the presidential election last year. Yet the truth of the matter is it’s them committing the election fraud and projecting their own actions onto conservatives.

Why is it Democrats can’t seem to win elections without cheating?

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