Breaking News About BARRON TRUMP… Something TERRIBLE Happened


Barron Trump is only 11, yet he’s the target of some of the most awful things you could imagine, and this time isn’t any different.

Young Barron has done nothing wrong other than have President Trump for his father, and now he’s being targeted by the worst possible people on the planet – ISIS. In fact, the terrorist group has made it clear that if they ever have the opportunity, Barron is going to suffer an absolutely horrible fate.


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ISIS supporters circulated a gruesome Christmastime poster depicting the beheading of Barron Trump, showing a masked jihadist standing over an adult body in an orange jumpsuit with the 11-year-old’s head photoshopped into the terrorist’s hand.


PJM is not reproducing an image of the poster here because of the disturbing content. It’s similar to an image released last month depicting a beheaded Pope Francis.

“Soon we will cut the head of america’s mule son,” says the text on the Barron image.


Sadly, the story gets even worse. The jihadist group has been able to track down the location of Barron’s school, and they’ve been circulating its address online through various forums utilized by terrorists and other horrible people.

A message posted last month on a pro-ISIS Telegram channel by an ISIS supporter called on fellow followers to “handle the son of the mule of America” and included a photo of the president’s son and a snapshot of a Google map showing the location of Barron’s school.

ISIS supporters have been on a holiday threat spree, taking the terror group’s PR into their own hands with a flurry of propaganda posters encouraging lone jihadists to attack, including a new one reiterating previous calls to “put terror in their hearts by running them over or stabbing them or burning structures and forests.”

While young Barron is under 24-hour protection from the Secret Service, threats from ISIS shouldn’t ever be taken lightly, considering they’re quite literally willing to die in order to carry out their jihad, which means if they were able to get close enough to him, there’s no doubt they’d put their own lives on the line to take his innocent life.

Whether or not they attempt to do so remains to be seen; however, with the violent world we live in, we should all pray that God keeps Barron safe from the Islamic State savages.

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