Liberal bitch and California billionaire Tom Steyer has spent millions of dollars on advertisements aimed at impeaching president Donald Trump. But all this idiot has is a bunch of liberal garbage signatures on his pathetic petition.

This scumbag is one of the biggest pieces of garbage I have ever seen.


Back in October, this moron launched a his filthy campaign to IMPEACH TRUMP!

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LMAO! Impeach Trump for what? For kicking ISIS ASSES? 

For bringing businesses back to the USA? 

For backing our police and law enforcement?


For attacking Mexican illegal gang banging murderers?

 Fu**ing liberal twirp. 

The liberal scumbag has spent well over $10 million on his pathetic effort, according to Fortune.


Mac Slavo at SHTF reports that Steyer explained in an interview with TIME that Trump is “an immediate danger to the health and safety of America,” arguing that Trump’s administration “doesn’t have a clue.”

Hey asshole, Obama and Clinton didn’t have a clue. 

How was that terrorist attack in Manhattan? You love Muslim radicals and socialism you skinny little old liberal pile of sh*t”

”His ad tells viewers that “a Republican Congress once impeached a president for far less.” Referring to a possible run for California Governor or a Senate seat, Steyer told TIME, “I’m willing to do just about anything to try and contribute to getting us back on a growth path that is just and good for America. I haven’t ruled out any of those races because I’m trying to figure out the thing that will make the biggest impact.”

Dude- kick back at your $30 million dollar mansion and live the Harvey Weinstein life. Hell, why not- he’s a big fat slob and you are the result of God giving you the short end in the looks department like most libs.

You dude are ugly but rich. So molest little boys and girls. It’s what liberals do.

Okay, Slavo reports that as if petitions (begging the government) to impeach the head of the government has ever worked or made an impact…but nonetheless, this disgusting California billionaire is out tens of millions of dollars for his efforts.

Imagine the homeless people Steyer could have fed or clothed for that kind of money. Where are the liberals and their moral high ground now?

How about helping our veterans that put their lives on the line so that liberal bitches like you can do whatever the fu*k you want?

Or why not build a compound for your beloved ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS?

You are a pile of crap.

“Trump threatens our Constitution, our freedoms, and our lives. It’s time to begin impeachment proceedings. Join us.

What a filthy pile of liberal trash. LMAO! 

Trump did, however, catch wind of Steyer’s “plot” which will achieve the same results as the Women’s March (absolutely nothing) and made sure to tweet about it Friday. Trump tweeted: “Wacky & totally unhinged Tom Steyer, who has been fighting me and my Make America Great Again agenda from beginning, never wins elections!”

Yeah, dude’s a loser.


Look. We hear all this anti Trump crap every day but the fact is that in 4 years we will be a hell of a lot closer to what America was in the 60’s.

Whites, Blacks(most) Mexicans(some) and orientals and others got along great.

Now? Blacks think they own the freaking world thanks to Obama and Muslims can do whatever the hell they want thanks to liberal insanity.

Hey, if libs want to be blown up, ran over and have their heads cut off I’m all for it.

You Muslims fu*k with us patriots and you WILL feel the wrath of American SUPERIORITY.

You liberals want a revolution? Let’s roll anytime you think you are ready.

F all liberals.

According to recent figures acquired by Axios, Steyer’s worthless petition has already collected more than one million signatures to date: 1,119,720, to be exact.  Steyer will also continue to run his ad and spend egregious amounts of money on his belief that only Democrats should be allowed to be president.

Punk ass garbage.

Rot in liberal hell.

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