Just weeks after stoking controversy by using Nazi imagery on his Jewish deli’s Facebook page, the co-owner of Max’s Deli in Highland Park again has ignited outrage — this time with a tweet he fired off in response to the Las Vegas shootings.


“Soon as I heard it was country music, I felt relief. White people shooting white people isn’t terror … it’s community outreach. #LasVegas,” the tweet read.

Greg Morelli, one of the owners of Max’s Deli, expressed regret Tuesday for the tweet, which he says he dashed off at about 7 a.m. Monday from his personal Twitter account, Fox News reported.

“As a white guy, I was relieved that it wasn’t across race lines, or religion lines or an attack from outside the country,” Morelli said. “When I heard the news, I said, Please God, don’t let it be war.”

Morelli, who said he voted for Hillary Clinton in November but is rooting for President Donald Trump to succeed in office, said he has removed the tweet and issued an apology on Facebook.


“I don’t know if you can take down what is out there,” he conceded.

He said he’s received death threats in text messages from people who seem most concerned the massacre could lead to gun control.

“I have a Jewish deli, I am a Jewish man,” Morelli said. “I am the first person that’s going to get a brick through the window if this plague is not stopped immediately.”

Morelli cited what he sees as the rise of the alt-right, increasing anti-Semitism and Trump’s statements on Charlottesville that cited violence from “many sides” as reasons why he felt compelled to create the post.

After receiving immediate backlash, Morelli took to Facebook and issued a lengthy apology for his comments on the mass shooting and called it “MASS APOLOGY.”

“It was a dumb joke and it didn’t work. I own it. It was stupid,” Morelli said. “It was seven in the morning and I was stressed out and freaked out by the shooting… I was trying to participate, and all I did was put my foot in my mouth.”

He said he was sorry to his brother, who co-owns the Jewish deli, as well as his staff, who he said were answering threatening phone calls and had to close up the restaurant early.

It’s clear that Morelli and nearly everyone close to him has been the target of quite a bit of anger and threats. He writes, “Sorry to my staff, who took too many threatening phone calls, got scared and closed early. Sorry to my mom, who read all the comments, took them to heart and fears for my life. I let you down, Mom.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center didn’t want to associate with him. They wrote on Facebook:

“The Simon Wiesenthal Center is outraged by Max’s Deli’s disgusting Tweet and will have nothing to do with them in the future.”

On a different note, Clearly Morelli would be “feeling” far different had he had anyone he loved involved in the Vegas shooting, maybe then he would see that “race” has 0 to do with the shooting and that it is the BLM and Antifa groups that are funded by Hillary’s “Resistance” funds that push the racism agenda.

His statements show a true coward, a man afraid of making a stand against racism and hate, a man who is afraid because he is “jewish” that bricks will be hurled into his windows simply for being Jewish.

Hey Captain Stupid, it is your dumbass comments and “tweets” that will have people throwing bricks into your business windows!

We live in a time where we tolerate and allow domestic terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers and Antifa to throw temper tantrums and threaten white people and use violence to get their way.

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This is the true fires in our nation and they are burning out of control, it is time to stop the stupidity and end this cancer that is spreading across our lands.

AFF’s Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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