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If you want to check the temperature of the liberal movement to see just how bad the delirium and feverish stupidity has become, look no farther than your closest university campus.

All of the fruits and nuts of the liberal movement seem to either be based in a college or spend copious amounts of time there, taking the freshly brainwashed “recruits” from the public education system and finishing the indoctrination while their heads are full of mush.

The latest insanity to roll off campus comes in the form of a group of “community organizers” — code for “unemployed” — who have demanded the University of Chicago pay slavery reparations in order to “make amends” for their ties to the practice of slavery.

Lots of quotation marks in that paragraph, because only large quantities of sarcasm can help you fully understand the ridiculousness of this nonsense.

The National Coalition for Black for Reparations in America, conveniently shortened to the lengthy acronym N’COBRA, recently put on a rally called “Rally for Reparations” right outside the doors of the main administration building. But that’s not all. They also held a press conference at City Hall presenting their “demand letter.”

The College Fix reports:

The Chicago Maroon reports N’COBRA was joined by the Reparations at UChicago Working Group, whose research concluded the university should pay restitution due to its ties to 19th century politician Stephen Douglas.

Douglas’s land grant to the original university was “bankrolled by profits from his slave plantation.”

“The University of Chicago is founded by slaveholders and the labor of enslaved people can actually be traced through the years,” said Guy Emerson Mount, one of researchers. “The labor of enslaved people actually translates into buildings, endowments, and real hard material resources.”

One of the many demands being made by N’COBRA is for the University of Chicago to put together a “truth and reconciliation committee,” though it’s unclear what exactly that is and what they would do.

The group is also asking the city to end all of their contracts with the school until they comply with the demands.

Look, we all know racism and slavery are awful, destructive things and it’s a real blessing to live in a country where all men and women are created equal and free to live their lives how they see fit.

It seems a bit over the top to ask for a school to pay for something that happened generations ago. Things have changed, progress has been made. It’s time to accept the past for what it was and move forward.



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