BREAKING NEWS Out Of Georgia… We Just Lost A HERO

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 A disabled Marine veteran named Phillip Lamar Davis, 47, was getting ready to take his wife to work early Friday morning when he opened the garage door and three masked thugs ambushed them.

Unfortunately, the Marine hero was shot and killed during the confrontation with the murderous scumbags.

Police believe the men intended to rob the victims after entering their home.

When they confronted the couple, Davis tried to protect his wife and push them away, sparking a struggle, during which Davis was fatally shot, police said. His wife took off and ran to a neighbor’s house to call for help.

“She was just screaming, ‘There’s gunshots, there’s gunshots. Get here right now,’” the wife’s sister, Daphne Sinclair, said, reports WPXI. “She heard the gunshots and she ran to a neighbor’s house saying, ‘Call 911.’”

The couple were high school sweethearts and got married a little over a year ago.

“We are trying to track scents of the suspects to see which directions they may have gone,” DeKalb County Police spokesperson Shiera Campbell told the Palm Beach Post.

“Like they say, you never think it’s going to happen to your family, but it did,” Lorenzo Sinclair, the wife’s father, said, reports WPXI.

Sinclair said they want to see the men behind this attack brought to justice.

The home is located in the 500 block of Mountain Oaks Parkway, according to Fox 5 Atlanta, and no suspects are in custody at this time.

YouTube video courtesy of Atlanta Journal-Constitution

DeKalb County police spokesperson Shiera Campbell talks about the 47-year-old homeowner was shot and killed early Friday during a home invasion in DeKalb County. Video by John Spink/AJC

What kind of evil bastards would shoot and kill a disabled Marine veteran?

I’ll tell you. LIBERAL TRASH.

God Bless.

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