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Gloria Allred has always had a credibility issue, and whenever she’s involved with something we know damn well there’s some sort of foolery happening.

The latest saga to involve the blood-sucking ambulance chaser happened on Monday, when she brought out a woman accusing Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual assault 38 years ago. In the press conference, she held up a yearbook which appeared to be inscribed by Moore they claim is evidence that the two had relations in 1977.

Almost immediately, Internet sleuths went to work analyzing the signature, and they found that it appears to have been written by two different people. In the beginning part, the ink appears dark and it’s written in cursive, while a second part of the inscription appears to have blue ink and looks like it was written by someone else entirely.

On Wednesday, Moore’s attorney held a press conference in which he challenged Allred to release the yearbook so it could be analyzed by a forensic handwriting expert so we can get to the bottom of the matter. Later that day, Allred appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, who pressed her pretty hard about whether or not the signature was a forgery.

Her answer, or lack thereof, spoke volumes.

Here’s the transcript, via Big League Politics [emphasis mine]:

“Well, all I’m saying is, we will permit an independent examiner of the writing…We will allow all of this to be asked and answered at the hearing,” Allred said.

But that’s not a flat denial, Gloria,” Blitzer said.

“Well, all I’m saying is, we’re not denying, we’re not admitting, we’re not addressing,” Allred said. “We will not be distracted.”

Blitzer asked why Allred needed a Senate hearing and would not just permit an independent handwriting expert to take a look.

Well, uh, all I can say is we want it done in a professional setting to the extent possible, that’s the only setting in which people can testify under oath,” Allred said.

Interesting, to say the least. She won’t deny it’s a forgery and she won’t agree to let an independent handwriting expert analyze the yearbook to verify the signature’s authenticity.

If there’s nothing to hide, why hide it?

Meanwhile, in California, Allred is currently under two separate investigations for ethics violations that could end with her being disbarred. That’s not to mention, she also paraded literally a dozen women around accusing then-candidate Trump of sexual assault during the 2016 election.

In other words, Allred isn’t the most credible person on the planet. In fact, whenever she becomes involved with something, you can almost guarantee that it’s a political hit job.

Then again, she was a delegate for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and Wikileaks exposed her as being a Democrat operative, so we shouldn’t really be surprised at what she’s doing. After all, leftists are going to be leftists, which unfortunately means they try to win at all costs, the country and our Republic be damned.

These people have a special place in hell waiting for them. Seriously.

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