New sanctions are expected to be levied by the Trump administration against Iran in an effort to target the Islamic Republic’s illicit ballistic missile program and regional support for terrorism.  This comes as the landmark Iranian nuclear deal hits its two-year anniversary, according to senior U.S. officials who deemed Iran in violation of the agreement’s “spirit.”

News of these new sanctions come on the same day Iranian military leaders are threatening to attack U.S. bases in the Middle East should new sanctions be imposed. The new sanctions are intended to be a part of a White House effort to counter Iran’s massive military buildup and to quash rouge militant activities across the Middle East, especially those in Syria.  Syria has seen a series of direct attacks against American forces recently.


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Iran has recently been dubbed “the most dangerous threat to U.S. interests” as a result a series of ramped up military and policy oriented efforts to combat the Islamic Republic illicit activities has been implemented. Non-nuclear sanctions are being implemented and do not violate the conditions of the current deal barring the U.S. from engaging in any such activity.


The Trump administration has plans to perform a full-scale review of its nuclear deal with Iran.  U.S. officials are not yet ready to deem Iran in direct violation of the deal but officials state they are in default of the spirit of the agreements.

According to the Free Beacon


“Years of concessions … have resulted in the unintended effect of empowering Iran across the region,” one senior administration official said about the package of new sanctions on multiple Iranian individuals and entities tied to the country’s ballistic missile program and proliferation efforts.

“What we’re saying is Iran is in default of the spirit of the JCPOA,” or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the Iran deal’s official title. “We need to ensure more aggressively they are in compliance with the letter of the JCPOA.”

U.S. officials said that Iran has obfuscated key details of its nuclear program, and continues to engage in activities that could be in violation of the agreement.

“Iran has been less than forthcoming, walking up to the edge of violating the JCPOA,” one senior U.S. official said. “That behavior has to stop.”

The Trump administration intends to announce sanctions that include 16 different Iranian entities and individuals that are believed to support Tehran’s illicit and criminal activities in the region including seven entities and five individuals supporting the Iranian military and criminal organizations. Sanctions also intend to be leveled on three networks that support Iran’s military procurement and an additional two organizations supporting Iran’s ballistic missile program.

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