On Wednesday, President Trump officially announced the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and ever since Muslims have been freaking out.

We previously reported that the U.S. Military put into effect a contingency plan called Operation New Normal, which increased its readiness to combat the predicted unrest that would come from President Trump’s strangely controversial move – the Jews have occupied Israel for over 4,000 years, so we’re unsure why the Muslims would lay claim to it. However, while there’s been unrest outside of Israel in its neighboring Arab countries, Jerusalem itself is seeing plenty of chaos as Palestinians revolt against the new decree.

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According to the Daily Mail, the protests have officially claimed their first lives as Israeli Defense Forces fight to keep the Jewish people safe. Apparently, some uppity Palestinians learned a hard lesson about going into someone else’s country and causing trouble.


From the Daily Mail:

Israeli soldiers have shot a Palestinian dead while hundreds more are injured after violent clashes erupted over Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Protesters launched stones at Israeli troops, who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets while huge crowds rallied outside Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa Mosque, a flashpoint site in the holy city.

This afternoon, Palestinian officials announced two protesters had been shot dead by Israeli soldiers in Gaza – but later retracted their statement, naming only one victim, Mahmoud al-Masri, 30.


Israel’s army, however, confirmed it had shot two people along the border, accusing them of being ‘main instigators’ of ‘violent riots’.

Footage later appeared on Palestinian news outlets claiming to show a father kissing his dead son farewell after he was shot by Israeli soldiers. MailOnline is not able to verify the footage. 

According to the Daily Mail, over 250 have been injured so far in the violent clashes between Israeli forces and unhappy Muslims. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of other unhappy Muslims took to the streets in other countries to violently protest the decision by the President.

More than 250 have been injured in the clashes, which erupted after Friday prayers. In the West Bank city of Ramallah, troops sent in a jeep armed with a multi-grenade tear gas launcher that rained projectiles down on masked protesters. 

As tens of thousands took to the streets around the world today, protesters burnt effigies of Donald Trump in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia while there were chants of ‘death to America’ during a rally in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Thousands also marched in Turkey as well as in Afghanistan, Jordan, Pakistan, Somalia and Egypt, where campaigners vowed to ‘sacrifice our blood and souls for Palestine’.

How nice.

While all of this is unfolding, the terrorist group Hamas has called for yet another “intifada,” or violent uprising, from fellow unhappy Muslims, then proceeded to launch three rockets into Israel to show their discontent over the fact that land they have never controlled is being used in a way they dislike. The new calls for violence came after they promised “three days of rage” if President Trump actually followed through on his promise, and pretty much prove that a peace deal in the region likely won’t ever come as long as the unhappy Muslims refuse to negotiate on basically everything.

They really are such a “peaceful” bunch, aren’t they?

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