Here’s some more lunacy from the left that is guaranteed to boggle the mind. Liberals have declared that it is RACIST for authorities to have a ‘gang database.’ Apparently it’s racist to keep track of gang members and their activities because most of these thugs are minorities in spite of the fact that tracking gang affiliations is a great crime fighting tool. 


Unbelievable- but that is exactly what they are doing in the liberal city of Portland, Oregon.

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The Oregonian reports that Portland police will end their more than 20-year-old practice of designating people as gang members or gang associates in response to strong community concerns about the labels that have disproportionately affected minorities beginning next month.


The Police Bureau recognizes that the gang designations have led to “unintended consequences” and served as lifelong barriers for those who have shunned the gang lifestyle and tried to get jobs, said Acting Tactical Operations Capt. Andy Shearer.

A review by Oregonian/OregonLive reporter Carli Brosseau last year found that of the 359 “criminal gang affiliates” flagged in Portland’s database as of last summer, 81 percent were part of a racial or ethnic minority. She obtained the list, names removed, only after appealing the city’s attempt to keep it from public view.


The fact is that most gangbangers are minorities and there is absolutely nothing racist about keeping track of these criminals. It doesn’t matter what color you are- if you commit a crime then you will go to jail. That’s how it works. That’s why there are more minorities behind bars- minorities commit more crimes than whites! It’s simple math.

Like I said, having a gang database is a fantastic crime fighting tool. This just makes no sense, but nothing that liberals do makes sense. They are brainless idiots.

Police were able to add someone to the list if the person self-identified as a member of a gang, participated in a gang initiation ritual, committed a gang-related crime or displayed two or more observable signs of gang membership.

Police will send out letters to everyone on the gang list alerting them that the bureau will purge all documents related to the designations. The new policy will take effect Oct. 15.

“Gang violence isn’t going to go away. There are still crimes attributed to known gang sets. There are still criminal gang members. That doesn’t go away because we don’t have a gang designation,” said Capt. Mike Krantz, who helped spearhead the change. “We’re not pretending gang violence doesn’t exist. We’re just taking this one thing away.”

Choo Fair, who works as a mentor for Multnomah County probation and parole and is a former Bloods gang member, praised the move.

“It’s a beautiful thing. They can no longer label anybody,” he said.

Brian Anderson at DownTrend has more:

But that one thing is actually really useful. See, when trying to solve gang-related violent crime, it’s an important tool for investigators to know what gangs are involved and who the members are. Often gang affiliations lead to suspects, which in turn leads to arrests and convictions.

But hey, who am I to judge? Portland lets those white Antifa leftist terrorists run loose, so it’s only fair that they also make it easier for minorities to get away with crime too.

Liberal cities like Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles and Denver go out of their way to accommodate criminals, illegal aliens, and street scum. Eventually, these places will become so unlivable because of crime and filth that even the liberal nitwits in charge are going to have to rethink their progressive policies. Actually, they will probably just abandoned the hellholes they’ve created and start over by ruining new cities.


God Bless.

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