In spite of international sanctions on North Korea’s communist regime, Russia has been increasing fuel exports to Pyongyang.


Putin and Moscow are masters of the game and North Korea is their spotlight pawn.

Despite efforts by the United Nations to impose isolating sanctions on North Korea in response to the country’s continued development of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles, trade between Russia and North Korea soared more than 85 percent since last year.

“Putin seems to have adopted a slash-and-burn approach to the liberal international order, so anything that serves to undermine institutions such as NATO, the European Union or democracy in general is fair game.  He is intent on creating instability in a way that serves Russian interests and this sort of multi-front, hybrid war serves to undermine the US and its allies.  North Korea fits neatly into that agenda because it causes problems for Washington, keeps the US tied down, drains its resources and causes friction with allies in the region.” ~ Daniel Pinkston, a professor of international relations

As for Russia, some experts believe Moscow’s economic support for North Korea is likely to continue as Russian President Vladimir Putin uses it as leverage to squeeze concessions from Washington on Ukraine, Syria and other hot spots. That comes despite an ongoing effort by the Trump administration to use international sanctions to force Pyongyang to abandon its ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programs, Fox News reports.


Moscow also helps Pyongyang by employing about 50,000 laborers from North Korea, who work in timber and construction jobs in Russia.

North Korean leadership historically has viewed the Russians with fondness because the old Soviet Union helped prop up the regime for decades and scientists from the fallen Soviet empire helped bring critical rocket technology to Pyongyang. Pakistan provided the regime with know-how on the nuclear weapons side.

Sanctions initially proposed by the U.S. – which included completely cutting off oil imports, were significantly watered down largely because of Russia.

Some experts believe that it is because the United States has bruised Moscow with implementing sanctions against them as well.  While there is obviously some truth in this, I truly believe that facts do not lie nor does the blunt truth of it.

If one looks outside the box, looks away from mainstream media and digs into the truth of Russia, NATO, USA and Ukraine, what they find is a hidden conflict that has been buried by the media.

Why?  Easy, because the situation with Ukraine is pure greed and ignoring international laws.

1. Russia has designs on Ukraine’s natural gas pipelines

Gas has long been an explosive issue between Russia and Ukraine. Moscow is a key supplier of gas to the European Union, accounting for about a third of the region’s imports, about half of which flows through Ukrainian pipes.

2Without Ukraine, there is no Eurasian Union

Putin once described the collapse of the Soviet Union as the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the 20th century. That helps explain his drive to establish a Eurasian Union: A powerful economic and political bloc made up of like-minded former Soviet states with Russia at the center once again.

Ukraine is considered a key part of the plan because of its size, historical links with Russia and its position on the EU’s frontier.

3. NATO and it’s allies have been sending troops along the Russian borders to prevent the intimidation by Russia, of an invasion to seize control.

The three Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania – as well as Poland all host troops as well as combat fighting vehicles and jets.

“We have a robust battalion, multinational battalion in each of the (four) Baltic countries. There can be no doubt that what we have done is a response to the actions of Russia in Crimea and in Ukraine.”  NATO

As you can see, North Korea is nothing more than a easy distraction for the mainstream media and Moscow uses this to their advantage.  So long as they keep North Korea in the spotlight, they can continue to work from the shadows in the Baltics.

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