BREAKING NEWS Out Of UTAH… This Is Absolutely INSANE! WOW!!!


An incredible Christmas miracle occurred in Utah that has people in awe over the heroism of a police officer.

According to Fox News, a group of children were outside playing near a pond in New Harmony on Christmas Day when a dog belonging to one of the boys ran off onto the ice. Naturally, the young boy ran after his four-legged friend and what happened next was nearly a horrific tragedy.


As the unidentified boy gave chase to the dog, the ice gave way and he fell in. Of course, his friends wanted to help, but they feared they’d fall through the ice as well, so they instead ran to get help, and the local sheriffs were called.

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First on the scene was Washington County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Aaron Thompson was first on the scene, but there was just one problem – he didn’t have the proper equipment for a cold water rescue and time was running out. However, according to a press release from Fox 13, Thompson threw caution to the wind and “made the personal decision” to put his life on the line to save the freezing child, and what happened next is what separates true heroes from ordinary men.


Without any regard for his own safety, Thompson began frantically punching his way through the iced-over pond using his fists. However, the further away from shore he was, the thicker the ice became, so he was forced to take even more extreme actions.

“As the ice got thicker, I couldn’t break it with my arms and my fists anymore, so I had to jump up on top of the ice, putting my weight on it, and then pound on it to get it to break,” said Thompson.


In freezing cold temperatures and an ice-cold pond, Thompson eventually was able to forge a path through the ice to reach the boy, who was 25 feet off shore, Lt. David Crouse of the Washington County Sheriffs said.

“He and another citizen were actually able to break through the ice, go into the water, and retrieve the boy out of the pond,” Crouse said. “He was taken to a nearby ambulance.”

The boy was in the frigid water for over a half hour, but thanks to the heroism from Thompson, he was finally rushed off to the hospital to be treated. Thankfully, Thompson had previously served on a search and rescue dive team and was able to locate the child in the area where a woman reported seeing only his hand.

“I couldn’t feel anything. I didn’t notice anything when I was doing it,” Thompson said. “I knew that time was of the essence. I had a very short window to get that child out of the water.”

When emergency crews arrived, the boy, who was suffering from severe hypothermia and was unconscious but had vital signs, was airlifted to the Dixie Regional Medical Center. His current condition is unknown, but the sheriffs are all praying for a full recovery.

As for Thompson, he too suffered hypothermia from the incident as well as cuts on his arms and hands from breaking the ice. According to reports, the dog was able to make it off of the ice unharmed.

And to think, it’s the brave men and women like Thompson who the idiots on the left constantly demonize, yet they’ll quite literally risk killing themselves to save complete strangers.

Hats off to Sergeant Thompson and his incredible act of heroism!

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