Failed California Governor Gavin Newsom Dealt a DEATH BLOW


I’ll start off by admitting that I live in California. I was born here and with the exception of living for a year in Hawaii have remained here.


Trust me, I am getting the hell out of here when the market is right to sell and buy- probably in Florida, Arizona, Texas or another RED state.

California was a beautiful place to grow up in back in the day.

Where I live is Trump country with hardly any libs and you would be surprised at how many Conservatives there are here.

That being said, The Golden State is in a complete state of chaos thanks to Democrat leadership.


What were once beautiful cities are now cesspools.

Taxes are out of control.

Check out what Newsom is doing now!

The failed ultra liberal who looks like a freaking used car salesman (no offense to used car sales men) with his hair doused in grease and his stupid smile has decided to wage war against oil companies because of the higher gas prices in California.

Look, I live here and we have the highest priced gasoline because we pay a ridiculous amount of taxes on top of the actual price of the gas.

It’s been like this for years.

The taxes are supposed to go towards maintaining highways, streets, potholes etc.

Needless to say all that extra money isn’t being used as it is meant to be used.

Check this out!

Earlier this year, an analysis by Irvine based researchers Stillwater Associates found Californians were paying at least $1.18 cents per gallon in taxes and fees alone.


Here is a full breakdown of the added cost:


Federal Excise Tax: 18 cents per gallon

State Excise Tax: 51 cents per gallon

Sales Tax (estimated): 10 cents per gallon

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Low Carbon Gas Programs: 22 cents per gallon

Greenhouse Gas Programs: 15 cents per gallon

Underground Tank Storage: 2 cents per gallon

California has the highest gas prices in the nation, according to AAA.


What is Newsom’s solution?

He is going to tax the oil companies even more!

This slick scumbag hasn’t got a clue on how to solve problems.

From FOX:

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan to limit oil companies’ profits was met with criticism by Democrats, Republicans and experts alike at a state hearing earlier this week.

During the hearing — hosted Wednesday by the state’s Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications — experts balked at a proposal to punish oil exploration and refining companies with a financial penalty if found to increase gasoline prices “excessively.” The hearing was held to consider SBX1-2, legislation backed by Newsom and proposed by Democratic state Sen. Nancy Skinner in December.

“Enacting SBX1-2 is not in the best interests of the consumer, will not reduce retail pump prices and is not in the best long-term economic interests of California,” said Michael Mische, a professor at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. “There are better alternatives.”

He added that the bill “will only make matters worse for the California consumer” and “serve as a disincentive for investing in supply and new technologies for the refiners.”

“Enacting it will reduce supply, force out producers and reduce employment in a high-paying sector,” Mische continued, adding that gas and energy prices would increase as a result of the bill.

Newsom is absolutely clueless on so many levels.

He doesn’t understand how businesses work.

He doesn’t even comprehend the basic principles of basic simple economics.

It’s no wonder that California is in a complete state of chaos.

Newsom plainly doesn’t give a crap.

This is the jackass that will most likely be running against Biden for president.

All one needs to do is look at California’s decline as well as Newsom’s numerous failures.

Only one man can save America and his name is PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP!



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