The NFL is feeling the pressure from the silent majority in America.

The past month has seen a huge drop in ratings, stadium attendance, and overall interest in the league, and it’s all because it was allowing players to disrespect the country and Anthem before the games. The controversy was reignited when President Trump called out the snowflakes protesting on the field, and ever since, people have been tuning out in droves.


Apparently, the league, headed by Roger Goodell, underestimated the power of the silent majority, AKA: the forgotten men and women in America.

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Goodell had previously released a statement in defiance of President Trump and in support of the players. About a month ago, he stated that the President’s comments were “divisive” and that Trump lacked “respect for the league.


However, four weeks and a serious threat to the league’s revenues has caused quite the charge of heart with Goodell. In fact, earlier today he sent a memo saying that he believes all players should stand for the Anthem, and that “we need to move past this controversy” because the issue is “threatening to erode the unifying power” of the NFL.

The report comes amid reports that players are “scared” to take a knee on the field because they need to “feed they family.”

From The Root:

One member of an NFL coaching staff said the general manager asked the position coaches (who are often the lowest-ranked coaches but have the most contact with the players) to “feel out” which players might be thinking of taking a knee and to “talk to them.”

Out of all the players you see taking a knee, there are probably three times as many who want to do it but are scared. If you ain’t a one or two at your position (meaning a first- or second-string player) you ain’t doing it. People have to feed they family,” he said.

So that’s that. The silent majority wins, the NFL loses.

This is a massive victory in the culture war for conservatives.

Remember this the next time a leftist tries to tell you that America is further left than it is right.

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Editors note: Simply standing with arms locked is NOT going to cut it. EVERY player and staff member MUST stand and place their right hand over their heart. Until they do this AFF will continue to push for Americans to BOYCOTT the NFL and their sponsors. 


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