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If you hadn’t noticed, the NFL is in trouble…big trouble.

It started last year when disgraced racist quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided the was going to take a knee to protest our nation’s Anthem because injustice, or something. From there, the protests caught on across the league, and then last week, things spun out of control after President Trump called out the anti-American antics on the field.

Now, the league is in a tailspin.

Ratings are plummeting, fans are burning their gear, the NFL’s brand popularity is in the toilet, there’s division among the teams, advertisers are pulling their sponsorships, and the league is about to lose its federal subsidies.

In other words, Roger Goodell and his league have a major issue on their hands.

The issue was highlighted this week when a Morning Consult poll found that in just a week, the NFL’s favorability rating dropped by over half, from 30 percent of America having a positive view of the league to now just 17 percent thinking positively about it. Just last May, over half of the country saw the NFL favorably, which means the recent controversy is really, really taking its toll.

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However, while most people see a problem, reflect on its cause, then devise a way to solve it, Commissioner Goodell and team owners have come together to devise a revenge plot of sorts against President Trump for highlighting the fact they’ve allowed anti-American protests on the field.

According to a report from the New York Times, Goodell held an emergency meeting with team owners to figure out how they can fix the PR nightmare they’ve found themselves in. However, unlike the Legends Football League (formerly the Lingerie Football League) and the NBA have nipped the issue in the bud and forbidden protests, the NFL is taking a much different approach.

Apparently, team owners have found themselves in quite the predicament; do they support their players protesting or the fans who want “football to just be about football.” They believe the situation is compounded by an “unpredictable President,” who will continue hitting the league if he thinks he’s winning the battle – and he is.

Multiple teams have caved and said they’ll be standing for the Anthem from here on out.

However, the owners who met with Goodell don’t seem as quick to make their fans happy.

“No concrete measures came from the meeting, and the league did not explicitly try to put a stop to the protests, even though one player who attended said he felt it was the owners’ desire that all players stand for the anthem,” the Times reported.

However, Goodell and the billionaire team owners did come up with a strategy against President Trump. They intend to let him “punch himself out” while continuing to allow on-field protests if the players so desire.

Of course, such a strategy isn’t going to sit too well with the President’s 63 million supporters, which means it’s not going to go over too well with the league’s advertisers. That’s why Goodell is now going around behind the scenes to kiss their asses and beg them not to pull their sponsorships.

Goodell and his advisers have looked to soothe sponsors’ concerns, speaking to them from league headquarters in Manhattan. Though Nike and other companies have issued statements in support of the players’ right to protest, DirectTV, which sells the Sunday Ticket package of every N.F.L. game, reportedly will allow fans to receive refunds if they cite the anthem protests as a reason.

The league is also monitoring fan reaction, especially on social media, where videos have surfaced showing people burning N.F.L. jerseys. Nearly every team has been fielding hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of calls from fans, most of them opposed to the protests. Some have even turned in their season tickets.

So that’s that.

Rather than listen to their fans and require their players to show a little gratitude to the country that gave them everything, Goodell and the NFL instead are plotting against the President in hopes they’ll come out on the winning side in the end.

Here’s a hint; they won’t.

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[H/T: Daily Wire]

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