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Over the last week, Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) has become a “rock star” in her own mind.  The Democrat known for her ridiculous and over the top cowboy hats, recently made herself a household name by injecting herself into a situation in which 4 members of the military were ambushed and died in Niger. President Trump called to offer his condolences to the widows of the fallen.

After admitting she did not listen to the entire phone conversation, Wilson went on to attack President Trump creating a controversy where one would not have otherwise existed, accusing President Trump of stating to a fallen military widow that her husband “knew what he signed up for.”


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No full context was given and the mainstream media simply ran with the story, jumping on President Trump with both feet. However, what is being revealed about Wilson, her affiliations, and her donors may explain WHY she chose to create such a controversy. Well, the answer to that as with most questions concerning politics is to follow the money.


Of Wilson’s top 100 donors some of the more prominent include the National Football League (NFL), Planned Parenthood, and insurance firms, and approximately 22 trade unions, according to campaign finance data.

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Trump has targeted these very same groups due to various antics that many Americans disapprove of be it for encouraging and advocating for kneeling during the National Anthem or taking taxpayer dollars for murdering the unborn.  As a result of President Trump’s stance on these issues, he has been made a target from them. In the current 2018 fundraising cycle, the self-proclaimed “rock star” received as her top six donors to her campaign from unions, including teachers.

The fact remains that for all her posturing about her supposed care of our fallen military and their widows, Wilson has often voted against legislation that would help veterans and their families, according to Vote Smart. In fact, Wilson specifically opposed a measure that would have given the families of four soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan in 2013 death and burial benefits.  She has opposed measures to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as voting against measures presented that would ensure veterans and their families would continue to receive benefits in spite of government shutdowns on multiple occasions.

When it comes to Social Security, Wilson says that she “will vote against any measure to privatize the program, cut benefits, or increase the eligibility age.” She also sponsored a bill on what would have been Trayvon Martin’s 20th birthday calling for the House to reject or repeal Stand Your Ground Legislation.

The fact remains that this is manufactured outrage by a woman that has done nothing whatsoever to endear herself to veterans, active military or their families.  She pays lip service to her faux outrage making a spectacle of a pregnant military widow for President Trump stating “he knew what he signed up for, but it hurts anyway.” They DO know what they sign up for and it DOES  hurt. Apparently so does the truth Fredrica Wilson!

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