BREAKING: NFL/NBA Just SMASHED Every White Person In America! What Just Happened Means We Need To BOYCOTT NOW!



Black Panther has drawn huge crowds and shattered box office records, since it premiered last weekend. The film, which features a black superhero and a predominantly black cast, is not your normal superhero flick, Breitbart reports.

According to Natalie Weiner of Bleacher Report:

“Black Panther is the first Marvel film with a predominantly black cast, and one whose box office success quickly became a cause: The better it does, the more likely Hollywood studios will be forced to prioritize representing their audience onscreen. Serena Williams brought a group from Black Girls Code to see the movie. The Dallas Mavericks’ Harrison Barnes bought 150 tickets for kids in Dallas. The New Orleans Pelicans’ Rajon Rondo hosted a screening in Louisville.

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But it’s NFL players—many of whom are back in their hometowns for the offseason—who’ve taken up the mantle en masse of bringing people to see the groundbreaking film. The Cowboys’ Kavon Frazier took 600 kids in Dallas. The Jaguars’ Jaelen Strong took 60 kids in his hometown of Philadelphia. The Buccaneers’ Clinton McDonald and retired player Arian Foster both sponsored screenings, and from the Chargers, Russell Okung and Jason Verrett brought even more families to theaters.” ~  Natalie Weiner


This should just be another Disney movie, but Hollywood had to put their hate and racism into it which ignited the “protestors” who hate Law Enforcement, US Military, President Trump and our National Anthem, to step up and not just endorse the “Black Movement” of the movie but to buy thousands of tickets nation wide to send black kids to see the movie.

Blunt truth is that children do not deserve to be used for any adults agenda, especially one that is filled with hate and endorses violence.  The kids that got to see the movie due to the ones purchasing tickets, that is awesome for them and we need to let kids be kids.

The problem is, these NFL, NBA and other people that have a different agenda, are the ones who are completely to blame.


“It’s like the Black Lives Matter movement: we’re trying to build and get recognition for the power of black culture.” ~ NFL player Jason Verrett

Even the main star of the movie, Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman, believes our President is racist and that the nation belongs to the Black community and they are the new America.

“I don’t think that you can use our current president as a barometer for where the entire country is.  I think what you can do is you can say the country is in a place right now where he is giving voice to white supremacy, he has made it OK for white supremacy to exist because he hasn’t said that it’s wrong.”

Marvel’s first to feature a predominantly black cast, also carries themes that closely mirror today’s heated real-world political climate, from Black Lives Matter to Trumpian immigration policies.  Yahoo

Obama really pushed for a black nation and used groups like Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers to push the racism and feed the hate.

The real issue is that it is working, by that, what I am saying is that racism and hate has become a forefront distraction once again.

I haven’t seen the movie, nor will I, not for any political or racist garbage, but simply because I have no desire to see it just as I have no desire to watch the NFL or NBA.

I won’t endorse or feed any group, sport or community that endorses hate and violence over skin color.  Especially if it goes against the National Anthem and US Military and our Law Enforcement.

What I do know for fact is that the movie is being used as a political statement and movement to push black power and supremacy, the stars and people endorsing the movie straight have said that.  Therefore that is fact, no argument and no denial, iron clad fact.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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