BREAKING: NFL Player ON THE RUN After They Find His Mother MURDERED- Here’s What We Know



Here we have another suspicious and tragic report out of the NATIONAL FELON LEAGUE otherwise known as the NFL.

It’s no secret that some of the best players in the NFL are in reality THUGS.

O.J. Simpson comes to mind among many others.

I say that while this report may involve a simple coincidence although my instincts tell me that the circumstances are pretty overwhelming.


Every American who is charged with a crime is presumed to be innocent unless proven guilty, that is unless your name is Donald J. Trump or have an affiliation with Trump or if you are simply a MAGA supporter.

This report comes out of the liberal cesspool Chicago.

Hussein Obama’s “hometown.”

Authorities launched a manhunt for the former NFL player, former NFL defensive back Sergio Brown after his 73-year-old mother’s body was discovered in or near a creek behind her suburban Chicago home.

Myrtle Brown, 73, was found dead near her home in Maywood, Illinois

Coincidentally, the deceased woman’s son is nowhere to be found which leads to the possibility that he may be responsible for the woman’s mysterious death.

Police were searching for her and Sergio Brown, 35, formerly of the Buffalo Bills after family members said they could not contact either of them.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office reported that Myrtle Brown was killed by “multiple injuries due to assault.”

The office has officially classified her death as a homicide, according to NBC News.

Maywood police said in a statement that an initial search for the mother and son turned up empty but a secondary search resulted to the discovery of the mother.

“Currently the Maywood Police Department is attempting to locate Mr. Sergio Brown,” Maywood Police said.

Neighbors were horrified by the news of the woman’s tragic death.

CBS News reports that their neighbor, Carlos Cortez told reporters that the last time that he had seen the mother and son was on Thursday and said that the police noticed activity on his doorbell camera saying -“They seen him taking out the trash, and they seen him have a bonfire where he burned all her clothes,”

“Myrtle, she was an outstanding woman, and I’m hoping she’s in the right place and she’s with God. Like I said, I never would’ve expected this in a million years. You only watch this on TV. And to know this happened next door, it’s a tragedy,” Carlos Cortez said.

“I just hope that the family has closure, and I’ll be praying for them. I hope the family gets through this. And I’ll keep them in mind in my prayers,” he added.

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The GOP Times reports that he went on to say that family members told him Sergio “wasn’t himself” during recent months adding he was out of his mind and that police have been called to their house before.

Nick Brown, Sergio’s brother posted an emotional plea on Facebook asking anyone with information about his brother’s whereabouts to report it to the Maywood Police Department as he said goodbye to his mom one last time thanking her for being strong and saving his art work while assuring her he won’t let her down.

The Facebook post read:

“Thank you, everyone, for all of your outreach, help, love and condolences.

It’s a sad but hopeful time, and we will all get through this together.

Mom always told me, “tough times don’t last” and our last conversation about tough times being temporary is my beacon of hope.

Mom, thank you for being strong, caring, diligent, fancy, funny, and for saving my art. I won’t let you down.

My brother Sergio is still missing. If anyone knows where he is I want him to know that I love you and please come home.

People, please don’t approach the property, this is still an ongoing investigation by the Maywood Police Department.

If you have any information on Sergio’s whereabouts please send them to the Maywood Police Department.”


Sergio Brown was a defensive back from 2010 to 2016 who played with the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Buffalo Bills.

Now he is the main suspect in the murder of his mother.

We do a lot of reports like this and every time I write it up I ask myself-“Why in the hell would a person who obviously made a ton of money as an athlete or a musician or an entertainer do such an evil thing?”

I’m not saying that money makes anyone better than the next person but it does provide security and take the stress out of thing that most of us have to worry about on a daily basis.

It makes no sense to me.

Rich or poor- it doesn’t make any difference – murdering your mother, father, brother, sister or anybody is evil unless of course there is no alternative to save your life or to save someone who is in danger.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts was urged to contact authorities immediately.

We send our deepest condolences to Mrs. Brown’s family and friends.

So tragic.

We ask the Lord to watch over the law enforcement officer and to keep them safe as they put their lives on the line to capture this suspect.

God Bless.

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