NFL Player Says He’ll QUIT If Forced To Stand For Anthem


The National Football League’s popularity has drastically plunged this month after players, coaches, and owners across the league protested the National Anthem.

Rumor has it that the NFL is going to implement a rule requiring players to stand during the anthem.

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Of course this development has caused a firestorm of controversy with liberals, black lives matter and other scumbags calling it it racist and all sorts of crap. Stand with your hand over your heart or we WILL continue to boycott and you scumbags haven’t seen ANYTHING yet.


So, apparently at least one poor little black cotton picking racist black football player says that he will QUIT the NFL if he is told to stand for our National Anthem.

Good- get the hell out you washed up, useless, illiterate THUG.

Yeah, so the a hole is Tennessee Titans player Rishard Matthews…

“Rishard?” Dude can’t even spell his name right. Oh, it must be one of those black things where you spell words and names wrong and then riot and burn down cities and kill law enforcement officers and white people. Yeah, I got it.

“No I will be done playing football,” Matthews tweeted and ultimately deleted when asked if he would be willing to face punishment for not standing if a new rule is implemented.

In case you wondered if this guy is a Marine, he isn’t. That picture on his account is a pic of his half brother who did serve in the Marines.

“So of says he’ll quit NFL if he has to stand for national anthem. Bye, dude.”

Good. Get the f out of here asswipe.

Matthews’ father served more than two decades in the Marines, and his half-brother, Christopher Ruiz, also a longtime Marine, was killed in a plane crash in 2015 while working as a private defense contractor in Afghanistan.

So what in the hell is this idiot doing?

I’ll tell you what he’s doing- he’s making a huge mistake that if he stands by what he says, it will cost him MILLIONS of dollars!

My advice is that he stands for the anthem with his right hand over his heart and honor our flag and our country.

Actually, I couldn’t care less what this racist cop hating liberal pile of sh*t does.

For the record he deleted his tweet but unfortunately for him, we will keep it alive and kicking.

You have a big mouth boy and you are about to be unemployed and hated by millions.

Congratulations you moron.

Here’s a little info for you:

August Winston Poll

  • MLB/61 percent favorable to 13 percent unfavorable.
  • NFL/57 percent favorable to 23 percent unfavorable.
  • College football/53 percent favorable to 16 percent unfavorable.
  • College basketball/48 percent favorable to 17 percent unfavorable.
  • NBA/47 percent unfavorable to 23 percent unfavorable.

September Winston Poll

  • MLB/63 percent favorable to 16 percent unfavorable.
  • College football/51 percent favorable to 21 percent unfavorable.
  • NBA/46 percent favorable to 28 percent unfavorable.
  • College basketball/45 percent favorable to 25 percent unfavorable.
  • NFL/44 percent favorable to 40 percent unfavorable.

Of course, the league only has Roger Goodell and the player’s union to thank, since both have not only allowed, but encouraged the anti-American demonstrations to persist, and now we know why. As it turns out, the NFL Player’s Union has partnered with George Soroson several different anti-Trump initiatives, with the NFLPU donating generously to Soros-connected groups over the years.


(H/T Daily Caller)


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