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Amid the controversy surrounding the NFL’s decision to allow players to disrespect the country, GOP lawmakers included a “special” bonus for the NFL in its tax reform package.

Many have been unaware that the NFL enjoy special tax breaks thanks to Congress carving out exemptions for it, but all told it has received some $7 billion is taxpayer subsidies over the years for stadiums and other luxuries none of us could afford. However, with the new tax plan on the way from Republican lawmakers, the league will be getting absolutely zilch from the very people it allows its players to flip the bird to every Sunday.

From the Washington Times:

The NFL would lose its ability to claim tax breaks for stadiums, colleges and universities would have to start paying taxes on massive endowments, and house “flippers” could no longer shield their income from the taxman under House Republicans’ proposed tax bill, which takes aim at a number of quirks that have developed over the years.

It’s not just the NFL that’s going to be seeing a reduction in tax breaks, either. The same report detailed that Barack Obama’s electric car subsidies will be going in the trash, where they belong, as well as big tax breaks for high-dollar donors to colleges and universities.

Axed from the tax code are breaks for electric car owners and big-time college donors looking to score better seats at football games. Also gone is the ability of divorcees to deduct some alimony payments.

Additionally, Republicans are taking away the prohibition that prevents churches from engaging in political activities, which seems only fair since they’re the only non-profits barred from participating in politics. Plus, illegals won’t be given any tax incentives any longer, as if they should have received them to begin with.

Republicans also settled some scores with the bill, including freeing churches from rules that prevent them from taking a stand in political elections and halting illegal immigrants’ ability to claim several major tax credits.

The Republican bill also would require taxpayers to use a valid work-authorized Social Security number to claim the refundable child tax credit, the American opportunity tax credit and the earned income tax credit.

An inspector general has calculated that billions of dollars each year are paid out to illegal immigrants through those tax credits because the IRS has concluded the law doesn’t explicitly exclude them. The Republicans’ plan would change that, saving more than $23 billion over the next decade.

“Taxes should not be determined by who has access to the best accountants, lobbyists and politicians. The tax code should be simple enough that everyone — including members of Congress — is capable of filing their own returns,” said former Sen. Tom Coburn, Congress‘ onetime top waste-watcher. “The House bill, while not perfect, reduces and eliminates numerous special interest and duplicates of tax breaks, and moves in the direction of a simpler code.”

And a simpler code is something everyone, regardless of political affiliation, should be on board with.

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