BREAKING: NFL Ratings For Week 3 Are In, And Americans Sent A CLEAR Message


The NFL is embroiled in a controversy it’s not going to win.

Ever since disgraced quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided he was going to disrespect the country that’s given him everything, the league’s fans have been leaving in droves. We previously reported that Thursday night’s football game last week saw attendance so poor that minor league soccer has more fans attending.


The news came after reports that the San Francisco 49ers could barely give tickets to the game away, with them selling for less than a price of two pretzels at the park. But the NFL’s issues aren’t limited to just a single game.

Breitbart News reported that the league stands to lose some $200 million in ad revenues as advertisers are unwilling to pay top dollar for slots as ratings continue to plummet. Weeks one and two of the season both saw viewership on the decline, with week two being a low mark for CBS.

After ratings for Week Two crashed, adding to the angst already felt by a poor showing in Week 1, industry insiders and analysts are sounding the alarm.

A new report claims that CBS, ESPN, Fox and NBC could take a $200 million hit to their estimated $2.5 billion in NFL advertising earnings if fans continue to turn off the TV, the The Hollywood Reporter noted recently.


The worries over earnings are not allayed by the fact that this season’s Week Two is the lowest mark for CBS since 1998. And the first two games of the season are down double-digits at a multi-year low compared to last year.

This morning, preliminary ratings came in for week three, and once again, it does not look good for the league. While Monday Night Football has yet to be factored in, Sunday’s games saw an overall decline in viewership, yet again.

Sports Illustrated is reporting that amid the ongoing feud with President Trump, the NFL saw a four percent decrease in overall viewership, falling to 45.9 from 48.0 for week three. However, fans aren’t only sending the league a message by tuning out.

Yesterday, over 200 players staged some sort of on-field protest during our National Anthem in what they claim is a response to President Trump calling out the anti-American snowflakes who were protesting before Trump ever said anything. In all, three teams chose to simply not go onto the field during the playing of our Anthem, with Coach Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers claiming he didn’t want to make a political statement despite the fact skipping the Anthem is a political statement in itself.

However, one defiant player and American patriot named Alejandro Villanueva defied his coach’s instructions to stay in the locker room, and he courageously stood alone on the field while the Anthem played, creating a viral buzz as one of the few players taking such a bold stand. Villanueva played for the Army’s football program prior to going to the Steelers, and he’s also a decorated Army Ranger who’s done three tours and earned a Bronze Star.

In other words, he’s an American hero as well as a patriot, and Americans took notice.

After Villanueva’s story spread across the country, something incredible happened – his jersey sales skyrocketed. In fact, people were so eager to show their support of this American patriot that he had the top-selling jersey among all of his teammates, the Daily Caller reported, but that’s not all.

By the end of the day, his jerseys were the best-selling in the entire league.

“The top-selling jersey on this morning.

Between ratings taking a dive and a lone patriot’s jersey sales skyrocketing, it appears as if NFL fans are sending a message to the league, loud and clear – we’re tired of seeing overpaid athletes disrespect our country to protest alleged racism and oppression as they’re paid millions to chase a ball around a field in a league comprised of a majority of black people.

If Goodell and the team owners want to allow it to persist, that’s their decision. However, it’s also ours to just tune this garbage out, and it appears as if that’s exactly what people are doing.

Again, the NFL is fighting a battle it’s not going to win.

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