BREAKING: Nikki Haley Makes STUNNING Admission About Syria During Interview On CNN


On Thursday, the U.S. Military bombed a Syrian airbase used by the country’s military to launch a chemical weapons attack against its people, marking a shift in the Trump administration’s foreign policy.

Ever since, there’s been questions over whether or not the U.S. would seek to remove dictator Bashar al-Assad from power. Last week, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said that America was “no longer focused on getting Assad out,” but apparently that changed once he allegedly unleashed sarin gas on innocent civilians.


In a Sunday morning interview with CNN, Haley suggested a major shift in the Trump administration’s handling of Syria is in the works. In fact, she said the U.S. no longer sees a peaceful solution as long as Assad remains in power, and overthrowing him has now become a “priority.”

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“There’s not any sort of option where a political solution is going to happen with Assad at the head of the regime,” Haley told “State of the Union” anchor Jake Tapper. “It just — if you look at his actions, if you look at the situation, it’s going to be hard to see a government that’s peaceful and stable with Assad.”


Of course, Syria is denying the use of chemical weapons. The nation’s ambassador to the U.N. said during a special session that his country “would never use such weapons in any of its operations against armed terrorist groups.”

However, Haley didn’t seem convinced. During her interview with Tapper, she doubled down on her previous threats to Assad that America would take things further if necessary.


From CNN:

“If he needs to do more, he will do more,” Haley said when asked if Trump would order more strikes. “So, really, now what happens depends on how everyone responds to what happened in Syria, and make sure that we start moving towards a political solution, and we start finding peace in that area.”

Haley said she thought a regime change would occur because “all of the parties are going to see that Assad is not the leader that needs to be taking place for Syria.”

Haley noted that ousting Assad was not the US’s only priority.

“So there’s multiple priorities,” she said. “It’s — getting Assad out is not the only priority. And so what we’re trying to do is obviously defeat ISIS. Secondly, we don’t see a peaceful Syria with Assad in there. Thirdly, get the Iranian influence out, and then, finally, move towards a political solution, because at the end of the day, this is a complicated situation.”

Oddly enough, Haley’s shift in foreign policy comes just days after the president’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, was removed from his position on the National Security Council. Bannon, who’s been rumored to be locking horns with Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, was the driving force behind the president’s isolationist policies.

With his removal, people are questioning whether or not the Trump administration is going to be adopting a more hawkish approach to dealing with the world or stick to what he promised on the campaign trail and only intervene in situations that directly affect our national security.

Hopefully, the complicated nature of Syria makes it an isolated case in which the president felt compelled to act on behalf of innocent civilians. Otherwise, some of Trump’s most ardent supporters – people who voted for him because he wasn’t going to be a war monger – may find themselves highly disappointed.

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