No One’s Talking About THIS Part Of Trump’s NEW Executive Order- We Need To Make This VIRAL


President Donald Trump released the revamped version of his temporary immigration ban via executive order, halting the wholesale importation of refugees from six terrorist hotbeds.  

Within the executive order, a section was included that requires the government to publicly release any and all information on crimes committed by foreign nationals, up to and including honor killings of women.


According to the EO, this is an effort for the United States government to  “be more transparent with the American people and to implement more effectively policies and practices that serve the national interest.”

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Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions are to work together and provide a report to the American public on foreign nationals that have been charged with and convicted of terrorism-related offenses.


There is no mention of pending charges or ongoing investigations, but it does seek to include those who associate with or provide support to known terrorist organizations in the report.

The order also gives direction to the government to release information specifically on honor-killings.


Honor-killings are defined as “gender-based violence against women.”  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the first known use of honor killings was in 1929 and defines honor-killings as –

“the traditional practice in some countries of killing a family member who is believed to have brought shame on the family…”

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In reality, honor-killings can encompass violence against women in all its forms, such as murder, attempted murder, driving to suicide, rape, gang rape, torture, assault, virginity testing, kidnapping, forced marriage, forced eviction, harassment, threats, stove burnings, acid attacks, and maiming.


Like female genital mutilation, it is a practice that would not exist in the U.S. without mass immigration bringing its practitioners into U.S. communities. With the massive influx of refugees in the United States, these crimes are on the rise.

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According to a 2015 report from the U.S. Department of Justice on Honor-Killings –

To understand honor violence, one must first understand the concept of honor in cultures that use honor to justify violent behavior. Honor within these cultures is most often defined as the reputation or social standing of a family based on the behavior and morality of its female members (Brandon and Hafaz, 2010). Honor violence, in general, is a mechanism to maintain or regain a family’s honor by punishing or eliminating girls and women whose actions invite rumors of sexual impropriety or disobedience. Boys and men may also be victims of honor violence if they violate sexual norms or defy patriarchal authority.

Former U.S. government analyst Farhana Qazi explained to Fox News in November 2015 –

Cases of honor killings and/or violence in the U.S. are often unreported because of the shame it can cause to the victim and the victim’s family. Also, because victims are often young women, they may feel that reporting the crime to authorities will draw too much attention to the family committing the crime.”

The first report is due for release by September 2017, fitting in light of the closeness to the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks committed by Islamic foreign nationals admitted to America on various types of visa. The reports are scheduled for issue every six months thereafter.

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The hope is that these reports will increase broad support for President Trump’s immigration policies by increasing transparency and reveal the troubling consequences of mass immigration policies. The majority of Americans are in support of President Trump’s executive order.  According to a Feb. 8 Morning Consult poll found 55% of American voters are in support of Trump’s executive order and this number includes 82% of Republicans. Another McLaughlin & Associates poll released on Feb. 8 found 57% support for a halt of refugee settlement to implement better screening processes and procedures. A Rasmussen Reports poll released on Feb. 2 found 52% of American voters favored a freeze on all refugee resettlement until the government could implement a  better, more thorough process to screen out terrorists, and this includes 57% of young voters.

God Bless.

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