BREAKING: North Korea BLOWS UP U.S. Aircraft Carrier In New Video


North Korea has long been known as the, “hot air and empty threats” nation ran by a tubby little hobbit who sees himself as a playboy dictator. (No, seriously he thinks he is North Korea’s playboy.)

Their empty threats and constant saber rattling have made the American public forget about the real issues with North Korea and their dictator hobbit.  It seems every week the DPRK is throwing threats of war and they launch missiles into the ocean, just to piss off Japan.

In their latest attempt to brainwash their citizens, North Korea has released a wartime propaganda video which depicts North Korea crushing the United States.


The USS Carl Vinson, which is believed to be the carrier shown being engulfed in flames, is currently taking part in the “Foal Eagle” exercises. The carrier is shown to be caught in the reticles and covered with flames before the image changes to be the same reticles and flames over a B-1B bomber.

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“A knife will be stabbed into the throat of the carrier,” the female narrator says.


“The bomber will fall from the sky after getting hit by a hail of fire.”


North Korea has become an intense hot issue in the Pentagon and all the sanctions placed against the DPRK have failed as well as diplomatic measures.   North Korea has become so arrogant and confident in their new missiles that they believe they can launch and avoid the THAAD missile defense system placed in South Korea.

Look at this like a filling up a water balloon, unless you tie it off, it is going to explode and everyone gets wet.  I highly doubt North Korea can hit U.S. soil with any missile however, they can hit U.S. forces in the region as well as our allies.  That is the real issue and that is why we must put a stop to their insanity before it becomes our reality.

The video itself cracks me up as I watch it over and over again, not because it simulates war and victory for the DPRK.  Because it comes across like a low rate B slasher movie and I find myself laughing at the message it is sending.

What we all need to pay attention to is that our government and military brass are highly concerned that a military conflict is unavoidable and that they do see North Korea as a serious threat.  Maybe its time we make a LIVE video of the U.S. military warfighters removing the regime and freeing North Korea.  HUA

Source- American Military News

AFF’s Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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