North Korea Makes SICK Move At Olympics, And It’s All Caught On Camera! (WATCH)

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Talk about about being a poor sport- take a look at this!

North Korean speed skater Jong Kwang Bom crashed onto the ice during an Olympic pre-heat not once, but twice, and ultimately was disqualified for pushing a competitor, Yahoo! Sports reported.

The athlete, who was working to qualify for the men’s 500 meter short-track speed skating event, fell to the ice right after leaving the starting line.

On the first start, he fell almost immediately after coming off the line. As he landed, he reached out his hand in a way that looked to some in the crowd like he was trying to trip Japan’s Ryosuke Sakazume.

Take a look at this!

“North Korean speed skater falls, tries to TRIP Japanese opponent!? Isn’t that a quick way to lose a finger or three?”

That’s ridiculous! He blatantly tried to trip up the Japanese skater-no doubt!

Fox News reports that despite typical race rules, Olympic officials allowed a restart, Yahoo! Sports reported. But midway through a lap, Jong Kwang Bom reportedly fell a second time, again getting tangled with Sakazume and pushing him. The Japanese competitor managed his way through while Jong hit the ice and sailed off to the side, the outlet said.

The North Korean athlete finished his only Olympic race in fourth place and ultimately was disqualified by officials following the crash, Yahoo! Sports said.

“I believe it was unintentional,” Japan’s Ryosuke Sakazume said. “His hand happened to be by my skate as he fell down.”

“I don’t know what was his intention,” Japan’s coach, Jonathan Guilmette, said. “It is really hard to judge what’s the intention. I don’t know if he tried to grab the skates or if he is just trying to hold onto something like a reflex – there are so many hands all over in our sport. That was a reflex thing more than trying to trip over someone else.”

The Japanese are such polite people. It’s so obvious this NK thug was trying to trip the other skater its ridiculous.

I have a feeling that when this scumbag returns to North Korea he will be beaten and sent to prison for losing.





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