NOT GOOD: Biden Makes America Look Weak In Front Of The World Again Proving He Has DEMENTIA



Okay so I admit that I am not a doctor but from what I see Joe Biden is suffering from dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease.

I mean look at the dude.

He’s lost.

He doesn’t know where he is and has no idea of what he’s talking about.

He forgets the names of people he appointed to serve in his (Obama’s) administration.

He rambles on about garbage that you can’t even comprehend.

He shuffles when he walks and tries to trot but ends up falling down stairs and the list goes on.

But most importantly his decision making is completely out of control. OBiden is DESTROYINGAMERICA!

EVERYTHING he does is wrong- EVERYTHING!

Look, people get old and I am in no way making fun of the man but this has reached the point to where it’s a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY.

He is a feeble, weak old man and that is why the DEEP STATE hid him in his basement during the election.

He’s literally months away from being deemed unfit to be our Commander-in-Chief in my opinion.


Biden just proved it again during his current European trip.

Conservative Brief has more details:

Joe Biden has, again, humiliated himself, the United States and its citizens on the world stage.

In an age where, more than ever, images tell the story, Biden was caught on video walking near the end of a line of world leaders to take a photo with the Queen of England during the G7 summit.

And then, after the photo was taken, Biden is again seen, waiting for all of the other leaders to walk as he found himself at the end of the line, looking weak and feckless.

It was another humiliation in a long line of humiliations in the past week for the Biden and Harris administration as both are on respective international trips.

He was laughed at by a group of bystanders as he appeared to get lost during the summit and Jill Biden had to guide him back.

‘How are your meetings going in Cornwall, Mr. President?’ one of the people asked.

‘I beg your pardon?’ Joe Biden said back.

‘How are your meetings going in Cornwall?’ the person asked again.

‘Very well,’ he said before Jill Biden came along and said ‘Come on!’ as Joe shuffled off to her and the crowd laughed…again.

O. M. G.

The people at the G7 meeting confab aren’t the only ones laughing their asses off.

So are America’s enemies.

But they’re not just laughing. They’re planning their next moves while our country remains governed by a mind-addled, feckless, weak senior citizen.

Now for the really bad news: Kamala Harris, the unaccomplished nobody who couldn’t make it through the first round of the Democratic primaries is our backup.

These are dangerous times.

America is falling apart thanks to the Democrats.

I don’t think we can last 2 more years under this administration and I’m not alone.

Be prepared for an historical event if things don’t change.



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