Have You Noticed The Mysterious Triangle Pins Trump’s People Wear? Here’s What They Mean…

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You may have noticed odd, triangle-shaped pin on the lapels of Trump’s campaign manager and others at a series of events over a course of several months. You’ve probably wondered what they mean. Well, we investigated and we have the answer!

Take a look at the pin.


There’s been much speculation about the meaning of the odd pins with theories ranging from them being about the Illuminati, or to represent the badges that homosexual prisoners wore in Nazi concentration camps, which has since become a symbol of gay pride etc.

Here are what some people are speculating:


Check it out:

YouTube video via Bear Wolf

Huffington Post reporter Eliot Nelson tweeted that the badges might help secret service identify Trump staffers. It seems like he is correct.

Vocativ reports that a Republican political operative with 25 years of experience with presidential campaigns told the reporter that these pins give campaign staff access to secure areas. He said the campaigns have little to do with the design and that shapes and colors are changed periodically.

Below is an example of a Ben Carson aide wearing a pin after the January 28 Iowa debate. It’s similar to the upside-down triangle that Trump’s aides wear, but the colors are different.

Photo credit/ Vocativ

So my friends, the mystery is solved!

The pins are simply a way for Trump’s secret service agents to identify important staffers, so as to allow them access to restricted areas.

(h/t IJ Review)

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