BOMBSHELL: 2013 NSA Document Just Surfaced… What It Says Has Obama Fully PANICKING

Bombshell NSA Memo: Saudi Arabia Ordered Attack On Damascus International Airport With US Knowledge…


More evidence of Obama’s treachery is surfacing in new top-secret NSA documents.  The documents have been unburied from the cache of leaked intelligence files from Edward Snowden.  They reveal a new and sinister twist the armed opposition in Syria was directly under command from both Saudi and US governments.

The US intelligence memo is labeled as “Top Secret” and is significantly damning in the role that the Obama administration played in fueling armed insurgency of so-called rebels launching massive and well-coordinated attacks on civilians, civilian infrastructure, as well as military targets in an effort to overthrow Bashir Assad and his regime.

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The report in question focuses on events that unfolded outside Damascus in March 2013 and is sourced to arguably one of the NSA’s most controversial programs – PRISM.  PRISM gives the NSA the ability to sweep up any and all communications and data exchanged through any and all major internet service providers such as Google.


According to this report, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was ordered to “light up Damascus” and “flatten” the Syrian capital’s international airport with the green light given by none other than Prince Salman bin Sultan himself – a top intelligence officer and prominent member of the Saudi royal family.  He was and is tasked with overseeing operations in Syria as a top Saudi intelligence officer. The report also reveals the “Saudis sent 120 tons of explosives/weapons to opposition forces” – presumably in the lead up to the operation.

The report goes on to confirm the assault did indeed occur and the Saudi government was “very pleased” with the results.  On March 18, 2013, attacks against the airport, the presidential palace, and multiple other locations occurred and the memo confirms these events.  Of even greater significance is the memo’s confirmation of US intelligence foreknowledge of the attack on a major civilian airport.  The report confirms the Obama regime gave three days warning about the attacks that occurred on March 18, 2013 – stating directly –  “Reports gave U.S. three days warning about 18 March 2013 attacks (2 year anniversary of revolution).”



According to The Intercept –

“In one of the videos purporting to show rockets being fired at Damascus International Airport, a rebel commander identified as member of the Free Syrian Army tells the camera that the attack was “in memory of the second anniversary of the Syrian revolution” — just as the Saudi prince had declared. A few months after the daring assault on the Syrian capital, the regime carried out one of the single greatest atrocities of the war: a chemical weapons attack on the Damascus suburb of Ghouta that killed upwards of 1,400 people, according to the U.S. The chemical massacre, and the muted international reaction to it, demoralized the opposition and helped galvanize a long fight back by the regime that ended the war in its favor.

Instead of foreshadowing a campaign to take Damascus, the 2013 mortar attacks wound up being just another episode in a long, grueling effort to unseat Assad by force. The direct foreign involvement in the attack paints a more sharply outlined picture of a war that had already begun to spin out of local control — with foreign powers manipulating Syrians on both sides. While outsiders have written checks, shipped arms, and fired missiles into Syria, it has been the Syrians who have been killed, driven into exile, and seen their country carved into pieces, in a conflict that, despite being more or less decided, continues to rage to this today.”

Damascus International Airport is Syria’s main civilian transportation hub and it was used by millions of people yearly prior to the war.  It remained in daily operation for commercial flights in March 2013 when Saudi intelligence ordered attacks with the full knowledge and blessing of the Obama regime.

Robert Ford was the US Ambassador to Syria under the Obama regime when the revolt against Assad was launched. Appointed in 2010, he was the first ambassador to Syria in five years. Not only was he a chief architect of the attempts to topple the Assad regime in Syria, but he was actively working with rebels to aid their overthrow of the Syrian government. Ford assured Americans that those taking up arms to overthrow the Syrian government were simply moderates seeking to change Syria’s autocratic system. Anyone pointing out the obviously Islamist extremist nature of the rebellion, the foreign funding, and backing for the jihadists was written off as an Assad apologist or worse.

Ford talked himself blue in the face reassuring Americans that he was only supporting moderates in Syria. As evidence mounted that the recipients of the largesse doled out by the Obama regime were actually going to fund jihadist groups, Ford finally admitted early last year that most of the moderates he backed were actually fighting alongside ISIS and al-Qaeda.

According to Zero Hedge

“A number of videos posted by Syrian opposition media on the day of the attacks purport to show rebel fighters firing rockets at the same sites mentioned in the U.S. document. The March 2013 attacks in Damascus provide a concrete example of the role that foreign powers played in the day-to-day reality of the conflict. A number of videos posted by Syrian opposition media on the day of the attacks purport to show rebel fighters firing rockets at the same sites mentioned in the U.S. document. Local media reports from that day described an attack in which rockets struck within the areas of the presidential palace, a local government security branch, and the airport.”

Some 60 people died as a result of this attack and more and continued attacks continued through April and into the summer.  Saudi involvement has long been known but this newest NSA revelation provides concrete proof of the Obama regime’s direct involvement in the attempts to overthrow the Assad regime by arming Muslim extremists groups ISIS and Al Qaeda.


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