BOMBSHELL: Oakland Players Let UNTHINKABLE Happen To QB For STANDING During Anthem


The controversy in the NFL appears to be going beyond mere political differences.

What started out as players choosing whether or not they were going to stand for the National Anthem has turned into something much, much worse. According to radio hosts Armstrong & Getty, the quarterback for the Oakland Raiders was made to pay a hefty price by his team after he refused to kneel with them during the pre-game ceremonies.


In fact, the Raiders ended up losing Sunday’s game against the Redskins 27-10, and the radio personalities believe it’s directly linked to the fact that their offensive line threw the game to teach Derick Carr a lesson.

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Keep in mind that Carr is white, most of his line is black, and he was one of the only ones seen standing on Sunday.


This is pretty serious stuff.


From InfoWars:

“This is one hell of a scandal with the NFL, could ruin the whole league,” claimed the show before detailing the fact that Carr was sacked two times in a row on the teams second drive and that the teams usually dependable center snapped the ball at the wrong time in three different instances. Extremely capable receivers also made multiple “weird” drops of passes thrown by Carr that T.V. announcers even noted at the time.

The radio show then revealed bombshell “insider information” from an “extremely reliable” source who claimed that members of the Oakland Raiders did indeed throw the game as a sort of punishment for Carr choosing to not use the countries anthem to make a political statement.

“He wants to stand alone, he can stand alone on the field,” one of the teams offensive lineman said, according to the shows source. Keep in mind, the offensive line are literally the guys whose job it is to protect the quarterback, in this case the star player who didn’t kneel.

Apparently, that’s not all. When a local reporter went to the team to ask about the allegations, they were threatened with being blackballed if they reported about it.

“If you report on this, you will be blackballed, you will not get access to the Raiders period,” the reporter was supposedly told. “Your career covering the team will be over”.

Wow. If true, this would be a scandal of epic proportions.

For black members of a team to literally punish their white quarterback because he refused to partake in their disrespect of our flag is unconscionable. But then again, this is America in 2017, after eight years of Obama – apparently it’s perfectly okay to allow politics to drive your every move, even if it means losing a game you’re paid millions to play just to make a point.

How sickening.

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