Obama And Liberals Try To Erase Confederate History… But NY Gay Bar Gets ‘Historic Landmark Status’



The Confederate Flag is offensive to people that are simply ignorant. Those same people love the rainbow flag that the gay people fly. They also don’t have a problem with the flags that radical racist black militants fly. This country is so mixed up thanks to Obama and his liberal followers it is sickening.

 at Right Wing News reports:

As Obama and his anti-American cohorts try to erase all American history they don’t like, they are recreating American history to their own tastes. We see this with a new “historic landmark” status being given a gay bar in New York that was at the center of the push for “gay and lesbian freedom.”

Forget that gays and lesbians were already free when the bar’s owners were involved in their activism in the 70s, no, THIS need to be an “historic” building while all civil war sites need to be torn down.

The Stonewall Inn, the West Village bar that’s become an icon for gay and lesbian freedom, became a city landmark today when the NYC Landmark Preservation Commission voted unanimously to grant the iconic spot its historic status.

It’s believed to be the first time any LGBT site in the city has been made a landmark.

The commission’s action wasn’t a surprise given the strong support behind the effort to landmark the Stonewall Inn, which was the site of a police raid and subsequent riot on June 28, 1969. A group of gays and lesbians fought back against the police that night, a move that sparked similar protests around the country.

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