Obama Appointed Federal Judge BANS Mention Of ‘Muslims’ And ‘Islam’


Obama appointee U.S. District Court Judge Michael A. Shipp has banned even the mention of Muslims and Islam at an upcoming public hearing in a New Jersey township concerning an Islamic group’s demands to build a mosque.

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The meeting is set to be held on August 8 and concerns a $3.25 million settlement the Department of Justice has ordered Bernards Township to pay to the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge in May.

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The township denied the group’s request for a building permit to build a mosque in a residential area. A lawsuit has now been filed by Christopher and Loretta Quick over the judge’s word ban.


The couple lives within 200 miles of the site now zoned for the mosque to be built. Christian non-profit law firm, The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), is representing the couple in the suit.

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President and chief counsel of TMLC, Richard Thompson states –

“Bernards Township capitulated to the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge, not only paying them $3.25 million and allowing the construction of a mosque in a residential area not suited for such a building, but violated the free speech rights of its citizens by prohibiting them from commenting on Islam or Muslims at an upcoming public hearing. 

Our lawsuit points out that in the complaint that gave rise to the settlement agreement, the Islamic Society made references to Christians on 24 occasions and Jews on 11 occasions. By the terms of the settlement agreement, the Islamic Society may continue to comment on Christians and Jews. The township has only prohibited comments concerning Islam and Muslims. This is un-American and runs counter to our Constitution.”

The Islamic group filed suit against the township in 2016 with claims they altered their zoning laws in order to prevent the Mosque from being built using it as a guise to deny their building permit. The DOJ followed and also filed suit against the township on the very same charge claiming that the township’s requirement demanded that houses of worship obtain plots of land at least six acres in size due to parking requirements was larger than the plots of other houses of worship built in the area prior to the change. In a court filing, Bernards Township officials also cited such issues as storm water management, lighting, and fire safety.

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The township denies any discrimination took place and maintains that the denial of the building permit was simply based upon accepted land use criteria. They also maintain that given the Islamic group was demanding to build their mosque in a residential area, parking was a legitimate concern given that services are held on Fridays at the mosque during peak travel times, as well as additional infrastructure concerns.

The ISBR bought four acres of land in the neighborhood before applying to building a mosque and 107 parking spaces five months later.

Thompson states that the ban on the words “Muslim” and “Islam” from the meeting as well as this settlement is an absolute affront to the agreement process.  The township did not agree, the settlement agreement is an instrument of forced surrender forcing the Township to capitulate to the Islamic group’s demands.


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