BREAKING: Obama BANS 2 Holidays Days Before Thanksgiving… SPREAD THIS EVERYWHERE


The ultra liberal city of Bloomington, Indiana renamed two paid holidays to “better reflect cultural sensitivity in the workplace,” Mayor John Hamilton told the Herald Times.

“All city employees receive paid time off for Columbus Day, a federal holiday celebrating the discovery of the United States of America by explorer Christopher Columbus, and Good Friday, the Friday before Easter Sunday. In the future, the city will be calling these paid days off ‘Fall Holiday’ and ‘Spring Holiday.’”


WTF??? Go to hell losers! 

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The change was announced on Friday by Mr. Hamilton, a full blown liberal scumbag in a memo to city employees.


“We are terrifically proud of our diverse workforce at the city,” he wrote, according to the Herald-Times.

Bite me a hole.


“That diversity makes us stronger and more representative of the public we proudly serve. These updated names for two days of well-merited time off is another way we can demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity.”

Bloomington is a traditionally liberal city. Its county gave Hillary Clinton 58.6% in the presidential election, BBC reports.


Columbus Day became a federal holiday in the United States in 1937 and celebrates the arrival of explorer Christopher Columbus in the Americas in 1492.

The holiday falls on the second Monday of October.

However, it has drawn significant opposition from those who regard Columbus’s arrival as a prelude to centuries of oppression.

A movement began in 1977 to replace it with a holiday that celebrates the indigenous peoples of North America. A few states now do not mark Columbus Day, or give it another title.

Good Friday is one of the most important dates of the Christian faith, marking the day Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans.

The American Mirror reports that the move prompted cries about overbearing political correctness run amok by many folks who commented online.

“Bloomington, Indiana renames Good Friday & Columbus Day to Spring Holiday and Fall Holiday,” Ann Marie posted to Twitter with a link to a Fox News story about the change. “The PC Gestapo strikes again.”

“May of Bloomington, IN says Good Friday not inclusive,” Adam Stacey tweeted. “Christ died so that all could go to heaven. Can’t get more inclusive than that.”

BBC cited opposition to the decision, as well.

“How is the day Jesus died insensitive?” one reader commented.

“I’m guessing they will next rename Christmas to winter holiday,” another wrote.

A few folks also seemed to support the move.

“I seriously have no idea why we have a holiday for a man that committed mass murder and mayhem and discovered ‘nothing,’” Mark Own posted.

Yeah, America and everything we stand for has been strategically trashed for 8 long years by Obama and his motley crew but that’s all going to change.

We have a new president-DONALD J. TRUMP!

And we have an army of patriots who are FIRED UP like never before to help MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Soon, Barack Hussein Obama will be gone. Done. Finished.

It will be a long hard battle to undo the garbage he has done to our beautiful country.

Racism towards white people is rampant. That is because we had a black president that fueled those fires.

We have black scumbags killing cops.


We have Muslims infiltrating and imposing their sick beliefs.


Christianity is under assault.


We have millions of illegal aliens running amok killing innocent Americans.


We have Iran building nukes with the $2 billion given to them as a part of the worst deal in the history of America.


Hell, I could keep going but I’m sick of even thinking about that crack smoking Marxist pile of sh*t.

Time to look forward.

F every single liberal breathing MY air.


God Bless.



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