indians2The Obama regime has launched a full fledged Zimbabwe style land grab in Wyoming.

The town of Riverton was founded in 1905. Today the town has 10,600 people. About 80% are white and only 10% are American Indian.

The Obama regime just declared that the town will be removed from the state of Wyoming and given to the Wind River Indian Reservation. This is deliberately setting the state for the complete disintegration of the town.

The Wind River Indian reservation is not hurting for living space. It only has 23,237 residents who enjoy 3,473 square miles. This is almost an entire square mile for every six residents of the Indian reservation.

The acquisition of the town with increase the population by 46% while dramatically lowering the overall percentage of actual American Indians.

Based on public information, only 11,914 of the reservations 23,237 residents are even a member of the two tribes that share the reservation. This means much of the rest are already non-Indians. The acquisition of Riverton could actually make the reservation less than half American Indian!

In reality, the white residents will be squeezed out. According to the Obama run EPA, DOJ, and DOI, the State of Wyoming will no longer be under any obligation to provide services to the town. The town will be at the mercy of the tribal authorities and the tribal police. The Indian reservation will be under no obligation to even recognize the deeds held by residents of Riverton.

From Mr. Conservative…

“Well, for some strange reason, Obama’s goon squad has obliged the Indian’s request even though the borders were place there in 1905.  Now the 10,000 residents of the town are being forced to stick to their guns and stay there, or forfeit their land.  The choice here though isn’t quite so simple.  If the residents decide to stay, they would not be, “eligible for state or federal services.” Along with this, they may just get tossed off their land they bought anyways because the, “deeds do not have to be recognized by the Indians.”

Sen. Leland Christensen declared in a public statement:

“This is an alarming action when you have a federal agency step in and start to undo congressional acts that has really been our history for 108 years … with the stroke of a pen without talking to the biggest groups impacted, and that would be the city of Riverton and the state of Wyoming.”

“But really, is this anything new when it comes to this administration?  No, but it is nonetheless wrong.  They are simply acting in “monkey see, monkey do,” fashion.  The President has unconstitutionally enacted executive action countless times in order to get what he wants and bypass congress.  If he’s getting away with it, why shouldn’t they?”

“Like the rest of the United States however, the resident aren’t so easy going about it.  Even Wyoming Govenor Matt Mead is threatening to take action without going through the courts saying that the state of Wyoming wouldn’t recognize the EPA’s authority.”

Describing the reasoning behind his claims, he explains:

“My deep concern is about an administrative agency of the federal government altering a state’s boundary and going against over 100 years of history and law.  This should be a concern to all citizens because, if the EPA can unilaterally take land away from a state, where will it stop?”

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