The more we learn about the previous administration, the more evident it becomes it was corrupt to the core.

A new report from Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard details one of many scandals to come from the Obama administration, and this one involves our national security, again. Barack Obama was apparently so determined to get re-elected in 2012 that he was willing to hide nearly a half of a million documents pertaining to the world’s formerly most-wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden, all so he could create the exact narrative he wanted to feed to the public.


Hayes detailed how Obama spent his last years in office downplaying the threat America faces from al Qaeda and terrorists in general, only to have the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper give a press release the day before Obama vacated the White House for good titled, “Closing the Book on Bin Laden: Intelligence Community Releases Final Abbottabad Documents.

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Both the White House and the ODNI claimed that the 571 documents made public about bin Laden were enough to “close the book” on the dead terrorist and his allegedly decimated terrorist group. However, as Hayes noted, Obama’s former national security advisor Tom Donilon said in May of 2012, after the raid, that there was enough intelligence seized to “fill a small college library.”


“A senior military intelligence official who briefed reporters at the Pentagon on May 7, 2011, said: ‘As a result of the raid, we’ve acquired the single largest collection of senior terrorist materials ever,’” Hayes noted in his extensive report.

Hayes then ripped the establishment media for refusing to look into the matter further.


Why would ODNI think it could get away with such an aggressive lie? … In this context, ODNI’s bet wasn’t a crazy one. No one outside of a small group of terrorism researchers and intelligence professionals had paid much attention to the fate of the bin Laden documents. The likelihood that these ODNI claims would get much scrutiny in the middle of the frenzy that accompanies a presidential transition was low,” he wrote.

“This is what the politicization of intelligence looks like,” decried Hayes.

He then went on to describe how Obama started creating the narrative that al Qaeda was defeated as his re-election was around the corner.

[Emphasis mine]

In the spring of 2012, with the Republican presidential primaries nearing an end and shortly before the first anniversary of the successful raid on bin Laden’s compound, Obama’s National Security Council hand-picked 17 documents to be provided to the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point for analysis. … The West Point documents were shared with Obama-friendly journalists. Their conclusion was the only one possible, given the documents they were provided: At the time of his death, Osama bin Laden was frustrated and isolated, a relatively powerless leader of a dying organization. In the summer and fall of 2012, Obama would use this theme as the main national security rationale for his reelection: Al Qaeda was alternately “on the run” or “decimated” or “on the path to defeat.”

Five days before the 2012 election, Obama told the nation that “Thanks to the service and sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform, the war in Iraq is over. The war in Afghanistan is winding down. Al Qaeda has been decimated. Osama bin Laden is dead.” Hayes notes, “The president would tout the imminent demise of al Qaeda more than two dozen times between [Benghazi] and Election Day,” even though the terrorists responsible for Benghazi had extensive ties to al Qaeda.

Hayes explained that after initially scouring the intelligence from Abbottabad, Obama’s intelligence agencies did little with the documents, all due to politics, of course.

“In the weeks following the bin Laden raid, the documents went through an immediate interagency triage for actionable intelligence,” he wrote. “That initial scrub yielded valuable information that led to the capture and killing of key al Qaeda associates. But then the documents sat, largely untouched, for months at a time.”

“From that point on, the Obama administration’s interest in the Abbottabad documents didn’t extend much beyond their public relations implications,” continued Hayes. “Simply put, a fuller release of the cache would have fatally undermined the message that al Qaeda had been decimated and that the war on terror was being reduced to a few mopping-up exercises.”

“As a result, some of the documents were never translated,” Hayes said.

“There was never any kind of evaluation of our work on al Qaeda based on the documents,” a senior intelligence official involved with the documents told Hayes.

Finally, this past Wednesday, CIA Director Mike Pompeo announced the release of some 470,000 files associated with the Abbottabad raid. Within those files was the truth about al Qaeda and what Obama had wanted to hide from the public – Iran and al Qaeda had forged a close working relationship. Hayes explained that Obama’s first term narrative focused on how his predecessor allegedly ruined the war on terror, but his second term was focused on making the horrible nuclear deal with Iran.

Hayes wrote [emphasis mine]:

In a manner of speaking, Barack Obama wanted what al Qaeda already had: a mutually beneficial partnership with Tehran. Revealing to the American people the truth about Osama bin Laden’s cozy working relationship with the Iranian government might have fatally undermined that diplomatic quest, just as the ongoing vitality of al Qaeda, amply testified to in the bin Laden documents, would have contradicted Obama’s proud claims in 2012 that al Qaeda was “on the run.” So Obama, with the eager cooperation of some in the intelligence community, bottled up the bin Laden documents and ran out the clock.

There’s no doubt that Obama will go down in history as the worst president we’ve ever had.

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