ALERT: Obama To Build MASSIVE COMPOUND For The “Liberal Resistance” In THIS State


Obama and Hillary – the two biggest names in liberal, progressive politics with egos to match refuse to fade from public view. Instead, both are intent to stand over the Trump administration proverbial shoulder offering unasked-for commentary and conjecture, ready to heckle at the slightest misstep.

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Obama has returned to Chicago and apparently plans to return to his community organizer roots with the development of the  Obama Presidential Center.

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An ordinary presidential library will just not do for the likes of Obama! His ego MUST have a CAMPUS!  One where Obama envisions world leaders meeting and the next generation of leaders can be indoctrinated…..err….I mean…trained.

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He claims the campus would create 1,400 to 1,500 jobs during construction, about 200 permanent jobs at the center, and several thousand jobs in the community. Or perhaps it will just be a case of if you like your job, you can keep your job?

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He wants it to be a community center with a new field house and perhaps a Chicago Public Library branch. He envisions a film studio, where Spike Lee and Steven Spielberg can teach seminars to budding filmmakers. Big plans he has….

In order to accomplish these big plans, Obama will have to close Cornell Avenue — a move that would likely anger commuters that use the road to get to the Chicago Skyway, South Lake Shore Drive, and Stony Island Boulevard.

But apparently, that’s of no concern to the grandiose plans of indoctrinating future generations!  At least not for Obama….the minor concerns of mere mortals have never been of much concern to him.

Obama Presidential Center Design Press Packet by Ann Dwyer on Scribd

Hillary, on the other hand, well perhaps she should have just stayed in the woods.  She is convinced that should the election have been held on October 27? Well, she would be the president.

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They should have named her Cleopatra because she is the Queen of De-Nile.  And now well, she is plotting her return to politics….err….I mean advocacy. This time by launching a SuperPac. She describes this as a way of “acting as a quiet catalyst” for favored organizations.  I guess that “pay for play” is just too hard to give up?

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Hillary also has grandiose plans to return to the paid speaking circuit making the rounds, challenging the Trump administration.  The Harry Walker Agency speakers bureau currently has a page up where interested parties can inquire about “availability & fees” for Hillary. Yet even her own can’t stand her! Liberal Bill Maher put it best stating Hillary “couldn’t fill the function room at the Olive Garden.” No one cares what she thinks…..go back to the woods!

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