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Barack Obama has said a number of questionable things throughout his life, and thanks to the Internet, he can’t ever escape them.

Just recently, he criticized President Trump over his alleged remarks calling third-world countries “sh-t holes” (they are sh-t holes), as if stating the obvious is now somehow one of the seven deadly sins. However, Obama has forgotten about some of the things he’s said in the past, and he really should have kept his mouth shut (an impossible feat, we know).


According to the Daily Caller, while Obama was occupying the White House, he did an interview with The Atlantic. The interview covered numerous topics and was wide ranging, but one part of it in particular is really coming back to bite him in the ass…big time.

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Apparently, Obama doesn’t think much differently about the countries in Africa and the Middle East than his successor. In fact, he once referred to Libya, a nation he helped bring total chaos to, in quite the derogatory manner, as the interview with The Atlantic shows.


From the Daily Caller:


Following President Trump’s Thursday comments, it’s worth noting that former President Obama called the African country of Libya a “shit show” just two years ago.

The comments were recorded in an interview with The Atlantic. The wide-ranging interview was based on Obama’s foreign policy over his eight years in office. During one portion of the interview, Obama said described Libya as a “mess” to the interviewer but behind closed doors called the country a “shit show.”

According to the Atlantic:

“So we actually executed this plan as well as I could have expected: We got a UN mandate, we built a coalition, it cost us $1 billion—which, when it comes to military operations, is very cheap. We averted large-scale civilian casualties, we prevented what almost surely would have been a prolonged and bloody civil conflict. And despite all that, Libya is a mess.

Mess is the president’s diplomatic term; privately, he calls Libya a “shit show,” in part because it’s subsequently become an isis haven — one that he has already targeted with air strikes. It became a shit show, Obama believes, for reasons that had less to do with American incompetence than with the passivity of America’s allies and with the obdurate power of tribalism.

Did you catch that? He called Libya a sh-t show, which is really no different than calling it a sh-t hole, yet at the time the media didn’t say a peep about it.


Well, if you really don’t know, then you’re not paying close enough attention.

But once again, we see Obama’s hypocrisy. What a piece of work this guy is.

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