BREAKING: Obama Caught in SICK Plan To TAKE OUT Trump Before He Gets To White House

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A shocking investigative report has been released that exposes Obama is funding numerous far left organizations that openly oppose Donald J. Trump for president. When I say Obama is funding them, in reality that means that YOU AND I ARE! This is totally outrageous!

Folks, this is an criminally organized effort aimed at converting illegal aliens into U.S. citizens in order to vote against Donald Trump!

My colleague Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller reports that through an initiative called Networks for Integrating New Americans initiative, which the White House formed in April 2014, the administration has partnered with the National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA), an immigration rights umbrella organization that has denounced Trump’s “hateful rhetoric.”

In a recent post to its Facebook page, NPNA asserted that green-card holders “have the potential to change America’s electorate” by gaining citizenship. The group and its executive director is also affiliated with one of the leftist groups that helped shut down a Trump rally in Chicago earlier this month.

I have to say that I visited their page and am thoroughly disgusted by what I saw. It’s actually unbelievable. 


And through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Obama administration has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to groups that have cited Trump as one reason that green-card holders should obtain citizenship before the general election in November.

The findings raise questions over whether groups that receive federal funds should be allowed to openly target specific presidential candidates. They also suggest what many conservative critics of immigration reform have long asserted: that one of the goals of activist citizenship groups is to create a new batch of Democratic voters.

Trump has become a target for Latino and immigrant rights groups for his comments about illegal aliens and his promises to build a “big, beautiful wall” along the southern border.

So patriots, there’s where some of your hard earned tax dollars are going, thanks to the liberal idiots that elected a scumbag named Barack Hussein Obama.

Simply unbelievable…

God Bless. 


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