BREAKING: Obama GOON Issues SICK Command To LEFTISTS- “We Need Blood In The Streets… Do What Needs To Be Done!”

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Obama’s Favorite Crony: “We Need Blood In The Streets….Do What Needs To Be Done!”

Obama’s little leftist bitch, Loretta Lynch is in hot water this morning due to a video she released to her social media following where she seems to indicate that they must struggle against the Trump regime and pay in blood.  

In the video, Lynch makes vague and irresponsible comments about “rights being assailed, trampled on and even being rolled back.”

Whatever the hell she is talking about she doesn’t say–this is a tactical move in order to stroke the confirmation bias of her listeners.  Most of these AntiFa ingrates that will listen to her words are college students from liberal arts schools.  They think “oppression” is the feeling they get when someone disagrees with them.  Next time as these worthless punks throw on masks and hoods and march along the streets think back to this video.

Sure,  she’s trying to make it sound like this is some nonviolent resistance by comparing it to the civil rights movement.  The reality is that a simple look at the way liberals have been acting will reveal just how these sorts of comments play into the minds of the liberals on the ground.  

When Loretta Lynch says that America needs more “marching and blood on the street,” they hear that they should go “punch Nazis.”  

Nazis, of course, is everyone from the black Hotep to the Asian Trump supporter.  It’s now just like the term racist: completely meaningless.

For Lynch, none of it matters. She won’t be the one in the street being arrested for instigating a mob or assaulting a peaceful man.  No, she’ll be in her limo and on her way to her Alma Mater to receive an award.  That’s right, the woman that is encouraging people to “do what needs to be done,” is going to be commemorated with an award named after one of our founding fathers: Thomas Jefferson.  He must be rolling in his grave.

The left is disgusting and unforgivable.

They need to be exterminated like the filthy cockroaches that they are.

Bring it on- we will prevail. you are nothing but lint.

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